Music News

Music News

Recent Concerts

 Our Elective Music students travelled to the Opera House for a very special Meet the Music Concert on Thursday25th February. The concert featured the renowned trumpeter, Wynton Marsalis who performed some jazz influenced pieces with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. The Year 10 Elective students and the Music 2 students attended on Wednesday, 2nd March to hear Rimsky Korsakoff’s “Scheherazade” as well as a contemporary version by the American composer, John Adams.  Our elective students attend each Meet the Music concert, providing the girls with access to different musical repertoire. This year, due to the increase in the number of girls in the Elective classes, we have subscribed to both series of Meet the Music (MTM 1 and MTM 2).  

Our Year 11 and 12 Elective classes had another visit to the Opera House to attend the Encore Concert (exemplary performances from last year’s HSC). This was a wonderful night and the girls came away inspired in the preparation of their HSC programs.

Music Ensembles

Our ensembles have begun their rehearsals for the year, in preparation for Open Day and the Music Festival and the rehearsal times for this term are as follows:

  • Orchestra: Monday mornings, 7.30am
  • Chamber Strings: Tuesdays mornings, 7.30am
  • Primary Band: Wednesday mornings, 7.45am, Rehearsal Room. 
  • Senior Choir: Wednesday mornings, 7.30am Curran Theatre
  • Vocal Ensemble: Fridays at lunch, Room 53
  • Symphonic Wind Ensemble: Thursday mornings 7.30am.

Please see the Music Department if you would like to join any of these ensembles.

AMEB Examinations

We encourage our students to undertake AMEB examinations and we would like to congratulate the following students on their excellent results.

  • Samantha North (Year 8)  French Horn (4th Grade) A
  • Alexandra Saad (Year 10)  French Horn (4th Grade) A

Both these girls completed their exams at the end of last year.

  • Ysabel Say  (Year 11)  Pian0 (7th Grade)   B+


Mrs Kim Irik

Head of Music