Music News

Music News

Recording Session

Last week the Vocal Ensemble and Senior Strings were fortunate to be involved in a recording session as part of the 120 Year celebrations.

The students were professionally recorded in the Reception Room performing music from the 120 Celebration of the Eucharist that was held on 28 February.  The next step is the editing and mixing process leading to the final production.

The students sounded beautiful with the wonderful acoustics of the Reception Room and rapidly gained confidence as the session progressed. They were exemplary in their commitment to this project and learnt so much from the experience.

The students involved were: Emmerson Brumby, Laura Campbell, Tanaya Kumar and Ainsley Ramsbottom (solo items and Vocal Ensemble), Lucy Blomfield, Jayda Gursel, Ella Nicol, Meg Elliot, Anna Mead, Mairead Stone, Katrina Duff, Ellen Parker, Claire O’Connor, Alice Compton and Nicola Rakuljic (Vocal Ensemble).

The string players were Grace Reid, Clodagh Bray, Molly Noble-Booth, Jie Yie Choong, Lauren Cooley, Alison Eom, Rebecca La Rose and Dominica Leaver.

The students were accompanied by Miss Alice Hanna.


Concerts for Elective Music Students

The elective music students have been fortunate to attend some inspiring concerts at the Opera House recently. These include two separate ‘Meet the Music’ concerts, featuring the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, the singer Kate Miller Heidke with the orchestra, as well as the Encore concert (exemplary performances from the HSC 2016). 


Mrs Kim Irik

Head of Music