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Music News

Eileen Yang, L. Mus A

Congratulations to our Year 12 Music 2 and Music Extension student, Eileen Yang who recently completed her Licentiate of Music Examination (L. Mus A).

Eileen has been preparing for this Diploma for approximately two years and was required to present a 45-minute recital in front of Australian Music Examination Board state and federal examiners.

Her programme consisted of a Bach Prelude and Fugue, an entire Mozart sonata, a Chopin Ballade (which many of you would have heard Eileen playing at the Music Festival) and a contemporary work by the Australian composer, Nigel Sabin, Another Look at Autumn. Eileen also had to answer questions about the composers and their style and have a thorough knowledge of other repertoires written for the piano.

This is a wonderful achievement as it is very difficult to pass this exam, especially for someone so young, however Eileen has worked extremely hard and is very humble about her achievements. Congratulations Eileen! 


Mrs Kim Irik

Head of Music