The Mathematics Department at Loreto offers many opportunities for girls to enrich and explore the world of mathematics. In doing so we hope to encourage and foster:

  • A greater interest and awareness of the power of mathematics;
  • A desire to succeed in solving interesting mathematical problems; and
  • The discovery of the joy of solving problems in mathematics.


Term 3  saw girls participate in the following opportunities:

Maths Inspiration – an inspiring maths lecture show for 15–17 year olds

“On Tuesday 16   August three Year 10 classes were lucky enough to experience some serious “Maths Inspiration”. At Chatswood Concourse we watched a show where three highly qualified mathematicians showed us how cool maths could be and the limits to which it goes. We learnt about the imaginary 4th dimension and tried to grapple with the insane idea of 3D shadows. We also learnt how to win a game of poker with maths! It’s not the type of maths we could be exposed to in the classroom which made it really worthwhile and super interesting.

Overall, it was a really fun excursion and sparked interest to pursue possible careers in maths and STEM.”

 Lilian Reuben and Lucy Beer, Year 10


Mathematics Challenge for Young Australians

The Maths Challenge for Young Australians was held during a consecutive three-week period between March and June. Students were given three weeks to complete six problems. They could work in groups of two or three students before submitting their own individual solutions. The problems are at a high level and designed to develop the student’s problem solving skills.

This year selected girls from Year 7 and Year 8 participated in the Junior competition with some excellent results.

High Distinction: Charlotte Greenhalgh, Isabella Greenhalgh

Distinction: Natasha Benham, Annabelle Fairbairn, Samantha Parsons


Mathematics Investigations

Each year three maths classes in Year 9 spend time producing their own investigations. The purpose of the investigation is to explore real life situations and involves students formulating their own questions from a given situation. Students can work individually or in pairs for their investigation.  Some of the titles of this years’ investigations were:

How many beef patties could you get from a cow?

How much would Taylor Swift have earned in her 1989 tour?

How can you guarantee to win scissors, paper, rock?

Our three best individual and group investigations are sent to the Mathematical Association of NSW for judging in the Investigating with Mathematics Competition. The investigations are judged on originality, mathematical content and understanding, communication and presentation. Once again we have performed very well receiving the following awards:


Individual section:

First: Lauren Howard with Selfie on the Titanic

Second: Swetha Kumar with How fast is that flash?

Merit: Gabby Black with Turning off the light


Group section:

First: Trinity Ridley-Smith and Mairead Stone with Blowing up the Moon

Second: Charlotte Flaherty and Imogen Tuttle with The Big Banana

Merit: Jie Yi Choong and Anna Hanselmann with Making the Moon from Swiss Cheese


First and Second winning entries received a trophy or medal at the Award Ceremony.

 Students whose investigations received a First award in NSW, Lauren Howard, Trinity Ridley-Smith and Mairead Stone, then had their investigations forwarded to the National Maths Talent Quest, held in September. We are very proud to announce that after judging at a National level, Lauren Howard’s investigation Selfie on the Titanic has received First Prize in the individual Year 9 category. Lauren has been invited to receive her award at an Award Ceremony on Melbourne. Click here  to view Lauren’s investigation video.


ICAS Mathematics competition

In August the ICAS Mathematics Competition was completed by 405 students from Years 7 – 12. This  competition examines skills and knowledge including problem solving at a challenging level and gives students in depth feedback. The students achieved 1 High Distinction, 37 Distinctions and 108 Credits.


High Distinction (top 1% of the state):

Year 9

Charlotte Duff-Clarke


Distinction (next 10% of participants):

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9

Year 10

Year 11

Alessia Anderson

Esha Arora

Jie Ye Choong

Lecquia Chang

Georgia McDonald

Caitlin Asper

Charlotte Greenhalgh

Sarah Donnison

Annie Deng

Isabelle Nery

Sophie Earle

Isabella Greenhalgh

Lucy Illek

Emily Kevans

Sarah Playford

Charlotte Forwood

Bailey Henderson

Trinity Ridley Smith

Gina Mark

Morgan Ridley-Smith

Erin Longley

Maanya Maini

Jessica Willathgamuwa

Katherine Morris

Ysabel  Say

Zoe Redwin

Grace Napoli


Rachel Osborne

Felice Tan

Jessica Samuelson

Nicola Rakuljic


Lilian Reuben

Kirsten Wright

Annika Shankar

Julia Santos


Emily Soros

Sian Thomas




Ms Roslyn Halmy

Mathematics Teacher