LRC News

LRC News

“Our school library is a place where I can escape the stress of the HSC!”

“You know that you can always find someone to help you in the library.”

“The LRC considers the needs of all students.”

“The library is a place with a range of spaces where I can work independently or collaboratively.”

“We love the interactive displays that foster excitement and interest in learning.”

This is how some of our students describe our LRC and we totally agree. At Loreto, we are looking at how everything we do in the library can help to create great learning. Over the past 18 months the library staff have worked hard to create flexible work spaces for all, provide students with opportunities to engage in a variety of exciting programs, and work creatively with faculties to deliver thought provoking lessons that support the work of the classroom teacher. Areas where students can collaborate in small and large groups, work quietly in a single study space, relax and read a book or chill and chat with friends have all been created. Student Book Club, Write a Book in a Day competition, Premier’s Reading Challenge, student performances, guest speakers, displays and collaborative lessons are just some of the activities we are working on this term.

As Year 12 complete their current assessment block and move towards their Trial Examination period in Term 3, we are also focusing on how the library and library staff can assist all students during their regular study periods. Recently, we installed a number of individual, private study desks in response to the needs of our current Year 12 cohort. There are times they need to collaborate, talk and share and other times when they need to just focus on their own. All are important.

The library team are also about to trial a pilot Year 12 Volunteer Study Program that we have named SISU. This program focusses on Year 12 students helping other Year 12 students in some subject areas. We hope that during some timetabled study periods as well as before and after school, Year 12 students will have the opportunity to work together in pairs and small groups. We are currently trialling this program in Maths and Studies of Religion and plan to roll out the program to include more subjects in Term 3. We encourage all students in Year 12 to become involved in this exciting and supportive initiative.

Essentially, we love the fact that our library is a flexible, busy, vibrant and joyous place where great learning happens every day.


Hours of operation for students in Years 7 – 12:

Monday to Thursday: 7.30am – 6pm for Day students (9pm for Boarding students).

Friday: 7.30am – 4pm for Day and Boarding students.


Day students cannot stay in the Library (LRC) after 6pm on Monday to Thursday evenings.

The Library is not open to primary school students after school on any day.


Mrs Chris Woods

Acting Knowledge and Learning Strategist