Loreto Day News

Loreto Day News

There are only two weeks left until one of the most anticipated days of the Loreto Normanhurst school year is here: Loreto Day!

Please read the   Loreto Day Awareness Update here.

At the core of Loreto Day is our school’s mission to strive for Justice in our world. All proceeds raised through the stalls on the day, the concert in the afternoon and initiatives  run to raise funds before and after the day, such as the silent auction, go towards the House of Welcome.

House of Welcome is a safe space for new refugees and asylum seekers to Australia. It is a project of St Francis Social Services and is located in Granville, Sydney. The organisation welcomes, shelters and empowers refugees and asylum seekers by providing person-centred holistic support that nurtures hope, advocates for justice and promotes self-reliance, all whilst acknowledging the dignity and the rights of each and every individual. Every year, the House of Welcome supports over 300 people through case work, and safely houses over 90 people every night.

Recently the Australian Government announced funding cuts to programs, such as the House of Welcome. Without any support  destitution, hunger, depression, anxiety and self-harm among the refugee population will likely increase, further leading to increased levels of unemployment, and trapping refugees in a cycle of poverty. We hope our effort towards Loreto Day will make a significant difference to the lives of those the House of Welcome helps.

Our Year 11 girls have been working tirelessly to prepare the many programs, initiatives and stalls that will be on offer on the day. From hot chips and nachos to discos and haunted houses, the students, visitors and staff will be entertained to no end on Loreto Day. Following these indulgences, the entire school and all visitors will be gathering in the gym to watch the annual Loreto Day concert. The Loreto Day concert is made up of Loreto girls as well as our guests, displaying their incredible and varying talents to the audience for an entertaining and diverse show. The concert provides a final and integral part of the fundraising process and is an excellent end to the day.

The Year 11 girls are working cohesively with staff and are making great process in the organisation of this huge day. The leadership and dedication to creating an incredible day whilst also raising as much money as possible is a true display of Loreto qualities, specifically, this year’s value of justice!

Silent auction

Attached is a letter   providing some information about the 2018 Loreto Day cause and calling for any donations from parents for our silent auction.

Your donation will help the House of Welcome and provide much needed resources.


We will keep the community updated of our progress every week as we count down to Loreto Day 2018 – Friday 1 June.

We look forward to your ongoing support of Loreto Day.


Year 11 Loreto Day Representatives