Loreto Day

Loreto Day

Celebrating Loreto Day 2019

Loreto Day is not just another ordinary school day on the Loreto Normanhurst calendar – it is an event which is meticulously organised and polished in advance, embodying the values of Loreto Normanhurst by significantly impacting those who are in need. Loreto Day also embraces the spirit of the school by uniting the community and allowing each person to participate and enjoy themselves on the day in any form. Loreto Day links to the value of Justice as each student is encouraged to give generously to those in need of our assistance, and this year the cause we raised money to assist were the mothers in need of baby formula to ensure the survival of their babies in Kenya.

The Baby Milk Project is a crucial cause centred in Zambia, Africa which provides baby formula to mothers who have HIV/AIDS and are unable to breastfeed their children due to mother-child transmission. In 2016, HIV/AIDS affected 1.2 million people in Zambia alone, and as a result, 8,900 children were infected due to mother-child transmission.

The Baby Milk Project works to:

  • Provide basic nutrition for orphaned, vulnerable or undernourished babies at risk, in the impoverished Lukulu District.
  • Enhance the wellbeing of children in their initial growth, offering a better chance for them to grow stronger and lead healthier lives.
  • Support poverty-stricken guardians who do not have the means to provide this support for the babies.

By choosing to support this cause for Loreto Day, our community is able to significantly contribute to this issue and help those in need through our generosity, determination and advocacy.

This year, there were 16 amazing stalls, and thanks to the dedication of various staff and the Year 11 students, these stalls all contributed massively to the funds raised for the cause. The stalls that were on offer included Aston’s Milkshakes/Ice-cream Sandwiches and Thrift Store, Barry’s Hot Chips and Disco, Kendall’s Pizza and Coin Toss, Kuring-gai’s Nachos and “Milk the Cow/Straw Lounge”, Maye’s Popcorn, Lollies and Scrunchies store and Haunted House, Mornane’s Chocolate Wheel and Throwback Theatre, Mulhall’s Pancakes and Bottle Tossing, and finally Ward’s Donut’s/Drinks and Photobooth. There were endless lines of hungry or eager girls at many of these stalls, and each store was extremely impressive! Lots of food was sold and there were activities galore that were offered by each of the Houses.  

Not only does Loreto Day invoke a call to service and a commitment to social justice, it is also an opportunity for Loreto Normanhurst to showcase students’ various talents in the performing arts. The Loreto Day Concert is an event held at the end of the day, marking a dramatic close to the Loreto Day experience. This year, Lauren Hession and Nicola Sherwood emceed the concert, encouraging the audience to donate and fulfil their call to social justice. They creatively introduced each act and performed comedy skits of their own. They are representatives of the Year 11 Concert Team who have worked tirelessly to make their presentation engaging and thought-provoking.

Each year the Concert Team is comprised of Year 11 girls who have dedicated and worked hard in ensuring the best talent performs for Loreto Day. All the acts seen at the concert have gone through a rigorous audition process, requiring a level of excellence from each performance. The acts range from dance to musical performances to comedy skits. The talent is sought out across all years, including the primary school to maximise inclusivity and to celebrate our entire school community. This year the concert featured a variety of beautiful and melodic musical acts from the likes of Queen, Abba and Lady Gaga, evoking within the audience a sense of awe and astonishment at the extensive talent of the students. Additionally, the concert featured many dance acts which were superbly choreographed and mesmerising.

The concert is a celebration of the artistic achievement of Loreto Normanhurst and a celebration of our connection to St Lucy’s and St Edmund’s. Each year, one act is reserved to acknowledge St Edmund’s ongoing dedication and support to our school. This year, St Edmund’s showed off their fantastic drumming and dancing skills set to the infectious beat of Taio Cruz’s ‘Dynamite’.  Their visible happiness and smiling faces heightened the joyful and spirited atmosphere of the concert and prompted us to remember the importance of establishing community outside of our own school grounds.

Donations were interspersed throughout the concert to ensure the viewer’s enjoyment as well as their active participation in our Loreto Day cause. The concert is a unique and enjoyable part of Loreto Day, reflective of the Loreto values of social justice and felicity. These values are translated through our coming together as a community and giving back to those in need. The most fulfilling part of the Loreto Day experience is that the proceeds from the concert will go to deserving mothers in Lukulu who are able to give nourishing formula to their babies to enhance their child’s health and quality of life.

Overall, Loreto Day helped provide Year 11 with skills including communication, time management, teamwork and organisation to ensure all tasks were completed efficiently and effectively before, throughout and after the day. The various teams that the girls were a part of helped give an insight into future leadership opportunities and allowed Loreto students to actively involve themselves in organising and planning school events as a year group. The day was a rewarding one and we look forward to seeing what unfolds in 2020.

Please enjoy a highlights video of Loreto Day.

Kimia Degani, Abigail Roberts and Tara Savell-McKean

Year 11, Loreto Day Communications Team

Loreto Day Raffle Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the Loreto Day Raffle and we thank the entire community for getting behind the ticket sales. The winners are:


1st Prize

HP EliteBook x 360 G3 Notebook (Touchscreen/Pen) won by: Lynnette Jones

2nd Prize

Westfield Vouchers won by: Lisa Camilleri

3rd Prize

Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones won by: Anne Marie Haydon

4th Prize

JD Sports Voucher won by: Grace Shannon

5th Prize

Cherrybrook Travel Voucher won by: Michela Pezzi

6th Prize

Homewares and Food Hamper won by: Susie Cohen

7th Prize

HP Sprocket 2-IN-1 White and Gold Smart Camera and Printer won by: Troy Johnson

8th Prize

Nude by Nature Make Up Hamper won by: Rosanna Iuliano

9th Prize

Pennant Hills Hotel Food and Drinks Voucher won by: Monia Galouzis

10th Prize

Marie-France Signature Cutting Package West Pymble or Walsh Bay won by: Zoe Madigan

11th Prize

Loreto Uniform Shop Voucher won by: Claire Sullivan

12th Prize

Lush Bath and Shower Pamper Pack won by: Zoe Ong

13th Prize

Gold Class Cinema Tickets won by: Kiva Cusack

14th Prize

Sunraysia Soy Wax Candle won by: Paris Sharpe

15th Prize

Mister Hipster Newtown Men’s Hair Cut Service won by: Emily Visnjic

16th Prize

The Children’s Bookshop Voucher won by: Maddison Pauly

17th Prize

L’Occitane Hand Cream Trio Set won by: Holy Keir

18th Prize

Mister Hipster Newtown Men’s Beard Trim Service won by: Angela Hanly

19th Prize

Chargrill Charlie’s Wahroonga Food Voucher won by: Emily Burns

20th Prize

Chargrill Charlie’s Wahroonga Food Voucher won by: Zybenko Family


Coffee voucher prizes won by Chloe White, Greg Taber and Susan Stenz


Please  make contact with me  via email to arrange collection of your prize. 


Mr Justin Madigan
Dean of Pastoral Care