Loreto Day – one week to go!

Loreto Day – one week to go!

A key message for this week

In this  video, you will hear from House of Welcome caseworker, Amy Smith who discusses the effects of the latest round of government funding costs for people seeking asylum. The family involved has a newborn baby and young children. We are concerned for the safety of people seeking asylum as they lose access to food, accommodation and medical assistance. This is why it is so critical for our school to get behind the House of Welcome. Their services are already stretched. We need your help.

With one week to go before the big day, the anticipation of Loreto Day is fast approaching. This day of fundraising and awareness-raising of a discerned cause that embodies our Loreto value of Justice is completely led and managed by the Year 11 cohort with the support of our teachers. Everything is coming together smoothly to ensure the day is enjoyed and celebrated by everybody – all Year 11 students are working hard to create an amazing day for both the Loreto community and the House of Welcome.

Year 11 are continuously preparing for the upcoming day by finalising stall preparations, selling beads, and raising awareness across the House groups and in this week’s assembly. Auction items are still needed and any donations would be greatly appreciated by Loreto Day organisers as we want to raise as much money as possible for the House of Welcome to support this great cause. If you would like to donate, please email  Ms Michelle Duffy.


Sustainability update

The Sustainability Team are also working hard to educate the year group on ways that we can make the day sustainable. We are requesting students to bring in durable, reusable plastic bowls, cups, and cutlery to use on Loreto Day to minimise the waste produced. Cans and paper bags will still be provided from certain stalls, but it will be a lot better environmentally if everyone brought in their own cups and plates.

To further add to this important message of eliminating waste, we have decided that we will not be purchasing white t-shirts with a screen print of the Loreto Day logo to wear on the day. Our year group instead will use what we already have. Girls will wear either their House t-shirt or a block coloured shirt from home and hair ribbons so we stand out as a sea of colour on the day. We are committed to protecting the environment and engaging further with the school’s ecology-centred approach to life and this is another small step in working towards this intent. You may be interested in watching this short Tedx presentation of the life cycle of the t-shirt. We are confident that you will see just how important it is that we put these approaches to the forefront of our thinking.


Our Loreto Day logo

This is the logo for Loreto Day 2018. The logo consists of the silhouette of a house and two hands grasping each other to represent our chosen cause, the House of Welcome. The house represents a safe place where we find comfort, shelter, protection and support. When hands are grasped together, they symbolise friendship, support and guidance. The House of Welcome provides this to refugees and asylum seekers. It is a basic human right to have shelter, protection and support.


About the House of Welcome

House of Welcome is a Sydney-based project of St Francis Social Services who welcome, shelter and empower refugees and asylum seekers without discrimination, providing basic needs for people who would otherwise go without, as well as fostering self-resilience and recognising the dignity of each individual. The organisation receives no government funding and this is an opportunity for Loreto Normanhurst to make a huge difference, closer to home. The cause is especially close to our school’s heart as Sister Libby Rogerson IBVM works closely with the organisation and as a community, we are involved in many of their fundraising drives throughout the year.

The organisation supports refugees awaiting their status, bridging visas or similar legal processes, achieved through case work targeting individual needs and concerns, specific to each individual. Last year, House of Welcome was able to provide casework to 221 people. More broadly, the House of Welcome supplies refugees with necessary education, shelter and food and supplies to survive. They link clients to legal assistance, financial aid, safe accommodation, employment, health services and skill building education programs like English lessons.  Without the help of House of Welcome, refugees and asylum seekers in NSW would struggle greatly to integrate within society, so their work subsequently provides them with a safe and inclusive community, where diversity is celebrated. With the help of the Loreto Normanhurst community, we are able to further and support the work of House of Welcome and help ensure that many refugees receive the justice they deserve.

Please give generously to the House of Welcome.


Romy Schneider-Smith and Eileen Yang

Year 11 Communication Team Representatives