Loreto Day

Loreto Day

Loreto Day is on Friday 2 June 2017. It is a much anticipated event held at the school every year run by the Year 11 students.

Each year, all proceeds raised through the running of stalls on the day, the concert in the afternoon and initiatives  run to raise funds before and after the day, go towards a  cause chosen by Year 11. This year, the cause we have chosen to support is Loreto Rumbek.

Loreto Rumbek is located in South Sudan, a country experiencing drought, where political conflict has resulted in famine and where 70 per cent of children have never attended school. In South Sudan, a 15-year-old girl is more likely to die in childbirth than finish high school and the completion rate in primary school is less than five per cent of students.

Loreto Rumbek is a primary and secondary boarding school for underprivileged girls established by an Irish Loreto sister. The school provides girls with clean access to water, three nutritious meals a day, a bed to sleep in, sanitation facilities, and of course, a Loreto education. Providing young women with an education is crucial, as it is the first step in creating lasting change. The students at Loreto Rumbek and their future generations will benefit from our support and  will   make this cause special to all of us at Normanhurst. The money raised from Loreto Day will allow the school to offer more scholarships to students in need, will assist in training new teachers and will fund better teaching facilities. Our support will help the sisters at Loreto Rumbek to continue their amazing work. 

The traditional way of supporting Loreto Day  is buying ‘badges’ to show support for the cause as well as for the students to decorate their uniform with awesome creations. However, this year, we are aiming to make the day and time leading up to Loreto Day more environmentally sustainable in line with the school’s strategic plan. Therefore, we have decided to replace the laminated paper badges with bracelets and wooden, coloured beads. Each bead will cost $1 and will fulfil the purpose of the badges. This is just one change of many to lessen the effect that we have  on the environment.

We are aiming to be a more sustainable Loreto Day and we will keep the community updated of our progress every week as we count down to Loreto Day 2017 – Friday 2 June.


Abigail Glezos, Amelia Kelly, Emma Basha, Elizabeth Bauer, Kyah Kraszula and Minjee Noh

Communication Representatives


Auction Team

Attached is a letter   providing some information about the 2017 Loreto Day cause and calling for any parents associated with a business/organisation who would be willing to donate items for our silent auction.

Your donation will help the students at Loreto Rumbek and provide much needed resources.