Loreto Day

Loreto Day

 Loreto Day 2016 Auction 

The Auction Team is constantly adding some new items to the auction site! Have a look what is new and do some on-line shopping for an amazing Loreto Day cause.  Click here to enter Loreto Day 2016 Auction Site

The Loreto Day raffle tickets will be drawn next week and soon there should be 3 very lucky winners receiving David Jones vouchers to spend.

1st prize $1000 David Jones Voucher

2nd  prize $700 David Jones Voucher

3rd  prize $300 David Jones Voucher


On behalf of the whole year 11 cohort, a massive thank you again to all for contributing to our Loreto Day cause this year. We will contact Sr Mary Owen at Niyumbani in Kenya soon to inform her of our donation this year.


Mrs. Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care