Loreto Day

Loreto Day

Loreto Day 2016

Loreto Day is almost upon us! This week the final “surprise” badge was launched and we hope that everybody is scooping up all that spare change to donate to this worthy cause. In house time this week, the Year 11 girls spoke to their houses about Nyumbani Children’s home. The girls were able to listen to a presentation that provided them with more detailed information about the children’s home and the girls read out Sister Mary Owen’s reply letter. Sister Mary Owens IBVM founded the Nyumbani Children’s home in 1992, and since then provided a great and honourable service to the members of the Kenyan population.

This year we will welcome 100 students and staff from St Edmund’s and St Lucy’s as our special guests on Loreto Day. Our year 11 students will be their buddies for the day and make them feel welcome and supported when here. We will also, as usual, have the privilege to listen to a group of students from St Edmund’s performing at the famous Loreto Day concert.

All the Loreto Day teams are now frantically working to ensure that Loreto Day this year will again be a special Feast Day with lots of fun activities to ensure many dollars are donated to this very worthy cause. On Tuesday we will find out which Tutor Group will win the badge competition and our silent auction site will go ‘live’ as from Friday 27 May! So….. with only a few more days to go until the big day, we urge everyone to bring in their $15 lunch money and auction items for the auction site and keep selling those raffle tickets!

Elsa Vink

Acting Dean of Pastoral Care


From the Loreto Day Communications Team

Loreto Day Silent Auction

The Auction Team has been working relentlessly to get a lovely variety of items listed on the Auction site which will is now live!  We want to thank everybody who contributed to our worthy cause in this way. So log on everybody…and enjoy some shopping!

Let’s talk about…..Nyumbani!

With the launch of this week’s final badge, we are hoping you are searching everywhere for some spare change to donate to the cause. And just a reminder for everyone to bring in their $15 lunch money and auction items for the auction site.

So far we have done mini case studies on Africa, then more specifically Kenya and now the cause itself – Nyumbani Children’s home. To help give us a clear image of what the Nyumbani village looks like, a few photos are included in the image gallery of this newsletter. 

One of the reasons we are supporting this amazing cause is Sister Mary Owens, an IBVM sister. She founded the Village in 1992, and since then it has flourished – the Village accommodates for those who are newborns to young adults, and receive medical, nutritional, academic and holistic care until they become self-reliant. The Village’s values include:

  • Faith in God
  • Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Compassion
  • Integrity
  • Team work

It is truly inspiring to hear how enthusiastic Sister Mary is about the support we are giving the Village, and what makes it more amazing is that she has a relationship with Loreto Normanhurst, and now it is time for us to establish a close relationship with the Nyumbani Village. We are humbled with the overwhelming support from the Loreto community – so thank you!