Loreto Day

Loreto Day

A message from Sister Mary Owens IBVM

“What a great joy when I heard that you have chosen Nyumbani to be the beneficiary of your Loreto Day fundraising 2016!

I cannot express what this means to me personally that a Loreto school in Australia wishes to help us care for our children who are living with HIV, the majority abandoned.

I have lovely memories of my visiting Loreto Normanhurst in 2001 and again in 2009.  Both those times I touched into how social justice is a core value in your education and the action you take.”

Sister Mary Owens  IBVM


‘Let’s Talk about Kenya’

  • Kenya is located in East Africa, on the equator à 12,144 km from Sydney to the capital of Kenya, Nairobi – that’s about 5,520 Maccas runs from Loreto to Thornleigh Maccas
  • In 2013, the population of Kenya was 44.35 million, with children making up nearly half the population
  • The two official languages in Kenya are English and Swahili, but there are more than 60 languages spoken and more than 40 ethnic groups
  • Agriculture is important to Kenya’s economy, especially tea, coffee and flowers
  • Kenya gained independence from the UK in 1963
  • Kenya is a developing country and half of the population live in poverty
  • The life expectancy is 46, compared to Australia’s at 82 years
  • Kenya only has two seasons, one rainy season and one dry season in a year
  • It is believed that Kenya may have been the original birthplace of humans – the bones of one of the earliest ancestors ever found were discovered in Kenya’s Turkana Basin