Living History Days

On Thursday, the 10 March 2016, Year 7 were lucky enough to learn about the history of the mysterious ancient world. It was an incredible day as we were able to witness what life was like in the ancient Chinese and Roman cultures and the struggles they faced back then. We had the chance to wear some of the clothing that was worn and learn about the tools and weapons used to survive in that era. Carrying swords and shields, we battled it out to see who was the best, and showcase the bravery of Capulet and the strength of Pompeii. This was a great activity because we were able to see how the gladiators fought for the entertainment of many Romans. The camaraderie that we all had with each other made the game even more enjoyable and brought us together as Loreto girls. It was a very insightful and enjoyable day as we were able to learn so much in an interactive way. The knowledge that was passed onto us will surely be useful to us in future years and I will be forever grateful for this wonderful opportunity we had; the chance to experience firsthand the history of our ancient world.

Annika Shankar , Year 7


The Year 8 Living History incursion was the best incursion I have ever done. This year we are studying the Middle Ages. The places we are focusing on are Europe and Japan. While the presentation was educational, it was also super engaging. Students were called up onto the stage as volunteers to assist the presenters with their performance. The presenters would demonstrate the daily lives of people during the Middle Ages in Europe and Japan using the volunteers. They would dress them up in costumes and teach us about rules/law and order, punishments, traditions and beliefs, how to dance, sword fighting and archery. I really enjoyed the sword fighting because it was hands on and we got to move around and battle it out against people in duels. We soon discovered how limited soldiers were back then due to the armour and helmets they wore. I found learning about the punishments really interesting because citizens were given these horrific punishments for doing things that weren’t bad at all, such as disagreeing with the church’s opinion and women wearing men’s clothing. This incursion was extremely helpful and taught me a lot of things that I didn’t know. It was such a great experience and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Faith Zalm, Year 8