Learning Enrichment

Learning Enrichment

Year 11 – Amazing University Results

Eight of our Year 11 students have successfully completed courses at Macquarie University or the University of Sydney as part of their units of study in Year 11 this year. The courses are a wonderful opportunity for the students to develop their creative and critical thinking skills, meet students from other schools and get a feel for a university environment. All students thoroughly enjoyed the courses and found them very helpful in relation to their other studies. Each course is at first year university level and is academically rigorous yet all girls achieved amazing results and we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them all.


Philosophy 137 Critical Thinking at Macquarie University

A first year critical thinking and reasoning course to assist students to be more sensitive to the nature of argument and reasoning; to be able to identify, dissect and criticise bad reasoning, fallacious arguments, lies and rhetoric and construct strong, sound, well supported arguments of their own. Congratulations to:

Kelly Wright High Distinction
Katherine Coffey Distinction
Clare O’Donnell Distinction


It should also be noted that Kelly Wright placed first in the whole course against all other schools. A fantastic achievement! Well done Kelly!


Philosophy- Mind and Morality at the University of Sydney

A fascinating philosophical journey which assists students to acquire a deeper understanding of who we are and how we should live. Students grapple with fundamental questions about the nature of mind, personal identity and ethics and improve ability to think critically, engage in constructive rational discussion and develop persuasive arguments. Congratulations to:

Sarah Matthias  Distinction 
Dominica Lindsay         Distinction              
Charlotte O’Brien Credit
Hollie Duff-Clarke Credit                  


America: Prophecy, Power, Politics at the University of Sydney

A conceptual overview of major issues in contemporary and historical American society, politics and culture. The course gives students the conceptual tools, research skills, and critical methodologies which they can apply to understanding contemporary political and policy debates — global, American, and Australian. Congratulations to:

 Niamh Condon Distinction


Ms Robyn Roffey

Learning Enrichment