Year 7 and Year 9 Naplan Results

Year 7 and Year 9 NAPLAN results were mailed to parents earlier this week.  If you have any questions, or have not received your daughter’s results, please contact the Learning Office


Ms Michelle Albert

Dean of Learning


Laptop Care

Thank you for your support in helping the girls look after their laptops. There has been an notable improvement in  the number of girls using a laptop case/bag. 

Students in Years 7-11 have all now been in a presentation outlining evidence about  laptop use, the type of damages and causes, the costs involved for repairs and replacement and a series of tips about how to care for their laptop. 

The girls have been advised about the way the school monitors the use of laptop bags and the consequences of non-compliance. They have responded well to this advice. 

We would like the care of their device to be normalised and sustained, building on the culture of taking care of all their possessions. We look forward to continuing to work in partnership with you and your daughters. 


Mr Martin Pluss

Dean of Learning


Year 11 Parents

We are pleased to advise that the  Campion Booklist for Year 12 2019 is now available and can be completed online. 

When ordering online you will need to use the following Access Code: ‘DGHC’

Please place your order as soon as possible, or by Tuesday 25 September 2018 at the latest, to ensure your daughter receives her books in time for her commencement into Year 12 in Term 4. It is anticipated that your order will be delivered to your home, office or any other nominated address  by Friday 12 October.

Also for your information, please find attached the  Year 12 Additional Purchases List   outlining the specific stationary items required for each subject.


Mrs Rachael Jarrick

Learning Assistant


Year 12 2018 Awards Ceremony Photos

Photography taken at the Year 12 2018 Awards Ceremony will available from  Advanced Life   from 5 October, please use code 6DG E39 QM6 to order.



Dates to Remember –  Term 4  2018

Year 11 Students & Parents Year 11 Parent Information Evening

Monday 15 October

6:30pm –  7:30pm

GBC Level 3

Year 12 HSC Examinations

Thursday 18 October to Friday 9 November

Year 10 Year 10 Examinations Thursday 1 November to Friday 9 November
Year 10 Year 10 YCON 2018

Monday 19 November to Friday 30 November

Years 7 – 11 Years 7 – 11 Awards Ceremony

Thursday  6 December


Year 12 HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea

Friday 14 December

10:00am – 11:00am

Mary Ward Quad