HSC Showcase 2018

Accolades to our Year 12 Aboriginal Studies, Design and Technology, Drama, Extension English 2, Extension History, Music 1 and 2 and Extension and Visual Arts students for their outstanding contributions to our HSC showcase last Friday evening. 

This was the second year of the new format HSC Showcase, as we combined HSC practical exhibitions and performances into one night of celebration.  We were incredibly proud of our Year 12 students for being brave enough to share their creativity and talents through the multitude of exhibits and performances on the evening.  The teachers and parents were in awe of the talent on display and the depth of creativity and intellect evident in the concepts explored. 

There are many people who must be thanked for making the HSC Showcase 2018 such a success.  Thank you in particular to Ms Barbara Watkins, Ms Marina Ugonotti and Ms Sophie Kearns for your support of the creative arts at Loreto Normanhurst.  To the Heads of Department and teachers in the above mentioned faculties – without your creativity, guidance and leadership, this event would not have come to life and we know that both students and parents alike are grateful for the many hours you have spent guiding these projects.  Thank you to the Support and Operations staff who made the event possible as they worked tirelessly behind the scenes. 

Finally, thank you to Ms Julie Ewington, (Class of ’63)  art curator, academic and broadcaster, for being our special guest on the evening and sharing her passion and awe for the creative arts.  As I moved around the exhibits on the evening with Ms Ewington, she was effusive with her praise and kept asking me if such work was indicative of the potential of all of our students – she was overwhelmed by the wealth of talent evident.   

On that note we wish you well Year 12.  Your creative output in these subject areas has offered inspiration and we are certain that you will take these talents into the wider community and leave an indelible mark on the world.     


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


Laptop care update

This week we reminded all students that they are required to look after their laptop. We encouraged the girls to appreciate and understand that they have been issued with a school provided laptop and with this, there is a responsibility to care for their device.

The girls were told they must keep their laptop in its case when they are not using their laptop. Each student has a school-issued laptop bag which we encourage them to utilise for this purpose. Alternatively, they are permitted to use their own slimline/sleeve laptop case if preferred.

The students are aware of the steps the teachers will take to monitor laptop case use which will culminate in a detention for repeated infringements.  In the coming weeks there will be  presentations outlining the main causes of damage, the type of damages, the costs involved and tips for looking after their device.

  Although your daughter’s laptop insurance policy with Dell covers accidental damage, “acts of God” like rain damage are not covered. Please be aware that if a claim is rejected, you will be contacted by ICT about repair/replacement and associated costs.

We are working with your  daughters to encourage better care of their laptops and ask you to reinforce our message with your daughter at home.


Mr Martin Pluss

Dean of Learning



Dates to Remember –  Term 3  2018


Year 11

Year 11 Examinations

Monday 3 September to Friday 14 September

Year 12 Year 12 Awards Ceremony

Friday 21 September

10:15am for a 10:30am start




Dates to Remember –  Term 4  2018

Year 11 Students & Parents Year 11 Parent Information Evening

Monday 15 October

6:30pm –  8:00pm

Curran Theatre

Year 12 HSC Examinations

Thursday 18 October to Friday 9 November

Year 10 Year 10 Examinations Thursday 1 November to Friday 9 November
Year 10 Year 10 YCON 2018

Monday 19 November to Friday 30 November

Years 7 – 11 Years 7 – 11 Awards Ceremony

Thursday  6 December


Year 12 HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea

Friday 14 December

10:00am – 11:00am

Mary Ward Quad