Half-Yearly Reports

Please be aware that students across Years 5-12 are currently receiving their Half-Yearly Reports via post across the remaining weeks of this term.  The academic component of these reports are designed to give students and parents an insight into how each student is progressing in each of their subject areas. The information provided is designed to enable students to discuss their progress with their parents, focusing on the content of the teachers’ comments, to assist in setting realistic and achievable goals.   Please note that the Years 7-12 course results (Mark and/or GRADE)  are based on the raw data collected from student assessment, which has then been standardised to a common mean for each course.  This standardisation process is based on Loreto Normanhurst NSW Education Standards Authority’s data over the past several years, which demonstrates that our students consistently perform above the state average.  This data has been used to determine the number of grades at each level allocated in each subject.

We ask that parents take this opportunity to discuss their daughter’s progress and work with them to determine realistic learning goals that aim for individual growth. 

Please contact staff in the Learning Office via email   if you have any inquiries about the reporting process. 


A message from the Director of Learning – Year 10 subject selection 

On Wednesday 6 June, we welcomed our Year 10 students and their parents to our annual Subject Selection Evening.  This event was hosted by the Learning and Careers teams to provide information to parents and their daughters about the Year 11 and 12 courses on offer at Loreto.  Various requirements of the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) relating to courses and subjects were explained on the evening.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank all parents and students who were able to attend, along with the many teachers  who made themselves available to share their wisdom and expertise with the students during the Subject Market. 

The content covered during the presentation component of the evening included NESA requirements for the HSC, preconceptions about the ATAR and scaling, the role of the University Admission Centre (UAC) in the ATAR process, the guiding principles of subject selection, changes to the 2019-2020 HSC and the role of parental guidance in the process.   A PODCAST of the evening can be found at: Year 10 Subject Selection Year 11 2019, enter the password: lnhyr1042019.

The Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model (LNSGM) embraces a holistic education that fosters growth across all aspects of our FACE curriculum.  It is imperative that as students transition into their senior studies  at Loreto, they don’t lose sight of this holistic approach.  Whilst the academic focus is essential in Years 11 and 12, a truly enriching and valuable experience can only occur if the faith, community and extra-curricular aspects of the curriculum are equally embraced.  On Wednesday evening, and for the past number of weeks, we have urged your daughters to be mindful of this as they move into this process of discernment with subject selection.  Research and experience tells us that contentment and success arise from making choices that are aligned to our PASSION and our PURPOSE.  It is difficult for Year 10 students to have a clear grasp of their passion   and purpose at such a young age, however if they own their subject choice decisions and they make them whilst being mindful of their interests and motivations, then they will find their senior years sustainable and enriching. 

We wish Year 10 students well as they embark on the journey that awaits them in their senior years at Loreto Normanhurst. 


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


Dates to Remember –  Term 2 2018


Year 10


Subject Selection Individual Plenaries Term 2: Weeks 7 – 9
Years 11 & 12 Years 11 & 12 Academic Awards Assembly

Wednesday 27 June



Year 12 Year 12 Study Skills – Dr Prue Salter (Students)

Thursday 28 June


Curran Theatre



Dates to Remember –  Term 3  2018



Years 9 & 10



Years 9 & 10Academic Awards Assembly


Wednesday 25 July




Years 7 & 8


Years 7 & 8 Academic Awards Assembly

Wednesday 1 August



Year 12

Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations

Thursday 2 August to Monday  20 August

Year 11


 Year 11 Examinations


Monday 3 September to Friday 14 September

Year 12 Year 12 Awards Ceremony

Friday 21 September

10:15am for a 10:30am start




Dates to Remember –  Term 4  2018

Year 12 HSC Examinations

Thursday 18 October to Friday 9 November

Year 10 Year 10 Examinations Monday 5 November to Tuesday 13 November
Year 10 Year 10 YCON 2018

Monday 19 November to Friday 30 November

Years 7 – 11 Years 7 – 11 Awards Ceremony

Thursday  6 December



Year 12 HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea

Friday 14 December

10:00am – 11:00am

Mary Ward Quad