Important NESA update about the HSC minimum standards

The media ran a story yesterday regarding NESA’s decision to no longer use Year 9 NAPLAN testing in reading, writing and numeracy as the method to ensure students are meeting the HSC minimum standards in literacy and numeracy.

Alignment of Year 9 NAPLAN to determine pre-qualification for the HSC minimum standards was introduced in 2017 by NESA for students who plan to complete the HSC in 2020.  Consequently, our current Year 10 students were able to use their NAPLAN results to meet the HSC minimum standards.  Students in Year 10 2018 who did not achieve a Band 8 in reading, writing and/or numeracy will be given multiple opportunities to meet the standards in online tests throughout Years 10, 11 and 12.  These students are already aware of the need to complete these tests and parents have been informed if this applies to their daughter.  This approach will not change for our current Year 10 students.

Due to this recent announcement, the NAPLAN results for our current Year 9 2018 students will not   be utilised to determine their eligibility to meet the HSC minimum standards.  Instead, from 2019 onwards, all students in Year 10 will need to demonstrate that they have met the HSC minimum standards by completing online NESA tests in reading, writing and numeracy.  NESA have informed schools that students will have multiple opportunities to meet the HSC minimum standards before they reach their HSC year.

Please be assured that we will keep you briefed as promptly as possible with further updates when they are released.  As we move forward, we will need to determine the timing and approach to the tests for Year 10 students in 2019 – we will inform you of the specifics once we have further information.

Please reassure your daughters that the tests are simply a process they need to complete to demonstrate the skills and understandings that they have gained throughout their schooling.  We will support students throughout this process to ensure that they feel confident and well-prepared for these changes.

Please  see below communication from NESA that was released yesterday.  These letters are addressed to parents of Years 9 and 10.  Please also know that we have emailed Year 9 and 10 students about these changes.


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


A preview of the subject selection process for Year 10 students and their parents

Year 10 students have started this important year of their education and many students and their parents are starting to think about the subject selection process that will start in Term 2 this year. Although this is still a few weeks away we thought we would provide an outline of the process for parents.

There are two events that parents and their daughters are invited to that will provide information about different career paths and options for tertiary study.

  • 9th May Careers Evening – provides an opportunity to engage with professionals across a range of industries and tertiary institutions.
  • 6th June Year 10 Subject Selection Information evening- information session and subject selection marketplace.

In order to ensure our students make informed decisions, we also give Year 10 students the opportunity to engage with the Morrisby Careers Tool. This tool involves some online aptitude, personality and interest tests and then suggests possible career areas. We have found that students have benefited from the opportunity to engage with this tool as it can provide information about career areas that students and their parents may not have considered. Students also have access to the tool for 10 years after they have left school.  If students choose to engage with Morrisby, a report is produced that can be used to inform subject selection decisions. Here is a link to the Morrisby site that can provide you with additional information about the tool.  It is important to note that we use Morrisby as one more source of information not as a hard and fast guide to careers decisions for students. Engagement with the Morrisby Careers tool is not compulsory and there is a $50 charge for access to the tool.

We recognise that each student has a different path in making subject selection decisions and we also know that parents may have many questions about senior courses and the consequences for tertiary study. Each student in Year 10 will have a Subject Selection Plenary from Weeks 7-9 of Term 2 that will enable a conversation between parents, students and a member of the Loreto Normanhurst learning team. In addition to this, the English, Maths and Science departments will provide a recommendation for each student as to which of the courses run in their respective faculty areas would be the best fit for them.

Subject selection decisions will be due at the start of Term 3. We do recognise however, that students may wish to change their options as they engage with further Year 10 study. Therefore students will be given an opportunity to make any changes and confirm their choices during Term 4.

At the heart of our subject selection process is the desire to allow students to follow their passions and interests and make informed decisions. More detailed information about the process will be provided to all parents of Year 10 students at the start of Term 2 via email and the school newsletter.


Mrs Carolina Murdoch

Dean of Learning




If you could not attend the Years 7 – 11 Parent Information Evening, a PODCAST of each year session will be available next week in the newsletter.



To listen to the Year 12 Parent Information Evening PODCAST from 29 January,  please follow this link.  Enter the following password: myyear122018

Years 7 – 11 Academic Plenaries – Date Error in Student Handbook

Please be advised that the dates for the Years 7 – 11 Academic Plenaries are incorrect in the Student Handbook.

The correct dates are: 11 May 2018, 14 May 2018 and 22 May 2018.

The dates are correctly reflected in the Loreto Normanhurst School Calendar.


Dates to Remember –  Term 1 2018



Year 12

Year 12 Academic Plenary Meetings Friday 23 February

3:30pm – 6:30pm

School Gymnasium

Year 12 Assessment Block 1 Monday 19 February – Thursday 23 February
Year 12 Assessment Block 2 Monday 19 March– Friday 23 March
Year 7 Year 7 Parents & Student Study Skills Evening with Prue Salter Monday 9 April

7:00pm – 8:30pm

Gonzaga Barry Centre Level 3 : 3.01-3.04



Dates to remember –  Term 2 2018

All years Careers Evening (optional) Term 2 – Wednesday 9 May 2018

3:30pm – 7:00pm

Gonzaga Barry Centre