Creating Flexible Futures Program LAUNCH

Over the past two weeks our Year 10 students have participated in the Creating Flexible Futures program, a new program that has been developed to assist students with their transition into their senior years of study at Loreto. 

The first component of Creating Flexible Futures was the YCON program – written and delivered by Mrs Carolina Murdoch.  A special thank you to Mrs Carolina Murdoch and all the teachers who were involved in the delivery of this progressive and challenging program. 

At the conclusion of the YCON program students moved into workshops on Monday and Tuesday of this week.   These workshops were designed to challenge the students to reflect upon their skills/passions/interests and consider how they might harness their own potential to make a difference in the world beyond the gates of Loreto.  The unifying theme of these workshops was the focus areas underpinning the LAUNCH program: LEARN, ACT, UNDERSTAND, NAVIGATE, COLLABORATE and HOPE. 

The topics for these workshops are:

  • Active citizenship
  • Living in a digital world
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • Philosophical (critical and creative) thinking
  • GRIT/wellbeing
  • My Future/Careers
  • My values and the Loreto mission
  • Counsellors – wellbeing
  • Ecology walks
  • Team building exercises/games

The students are now sampling their subjects for Stage 6 as they participate in a trial version of their subjects for Year 11. 

Next Thursday morning the Creating Flexible Futures program will be finalised with our guest speaker, Mr Phil Glendenning, Director of the Edmund Rice Centre, who will inspire the students to action – asking them to reflect on their power to make a difference in society. 

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Year 10 students who have wholeheartedly embraced the Creating Flexible Futures – YCON and LAUNCH programs.  Additionally, without the leadership of many staff members, especially those who organised the workshop sessions, this program would not have been possible.  We are very grateful for the buzz and enthusiasm that has been evident in these final weeks. 


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning 



Disability provisions in the HSC are practical arrangements  designed to help students who couldn’t otherwise make a fair attempt to show what they know in an exam. The provisions granted are solely determined by how the student’s exam performance is affected. More than 7000 HSC students   apply for provisions  each year. Provisions help students to show the markers what they know and can do. These needs may be related to learning, sensory impairment, mental health, medical or physical conditions.

Examples of provisions available include:

  • Braille or large print papers;
  • use of a writer and/or reader;
  • use of an oral interpreter;
  • extension of test time;
  • rest breaks;
  • separate examination supervision; and
  • permission to take medication.

Schools are responsible for determining and approving disability provisions for all school-based assessment tasks. NESA determines disability provisions for the HSC examinations. Students and parents should be advised that there is no guarantee that NESA will grant the same provisions as those provided at school.

To apply for provisions, schools must submit an online application to NESA. This application tells us   which provision/s a student is requesting  and includes recent evidence. Evidence may include medical reports, reading results, spelling results, writing samples and teacher comments.

Disability provisions also apply to temporary and emergency-related disabilities such as if a student breaks their writing arm a week before an examination.

If you feel your daughter may require exam provisions please contact Zoe Rhone, Head of Learning Enrichment  via email or 9473 7368 to discuss the process of application.  The closing date for disability provisions applications for known/stable conditions for the 2018 HSC is Monday 9 April 2018.

You can also find out more information from the NESA website


Mrs Zoe Rhone

Head of Learning Enrichment


CAMPION  Booklists – Years 7 – 11 2018

Booklists for 2018 are now available to order online  at Campion Education,  please use the following access code: “7C5F”.

 Please ensure your orders are placed by the due date of Friday 8 December  so that your daughter receives her books in time for the commencement of the new school year. 

Your order will be delivered to your nominated address during the week commencing  Monday 15 January 2018.

If you have any questions please  contact the Learning Office.


Mrs Rachael Jarick

Learning Assistant 


Upcoming Events for Term 4 2017

Year 10 

Creating Flexible Futures – LAUNCH

Monday 27 November – Thursday 7 December

Years 7 –  11

Years 7-11 Awards Ceremony

Thursday 7 December

4:30pm – 7:00pm

School Gymnasium

Compulsory attendance for all students

Year 12 2017

Principal’s Morning Tea

Class of 2017 HSC Results 

Friday 15 December

10:00 – 11:00

Mary Ward Quad

Class of 2017 students only