YCON 2017

This week, Year 10 students at Loreto Normanhurst participated in YCON, a week long program designed to challenge our students to consider how they can make the world a better place. The program seeks to give our students team building skills and opportunities to develop their leadership skills as they finish this stage of their schooling. It was inspiring to see students thinking creatively about issues like access to clean water, human trafficking and refugees and debating these issues in an informed and passionate manner. Below is a student article about the week and some photographs that give some insight into some of the activities involved in the YCON program.

Student report on YCON

Throughout the week, Year 10 participated in the YCON program. YCON, meaning “Youth Convention” aims to involve us in discussions about real world issues and empower us to see the change that we can make in the world with our Loreto education.

At the start of the week we were separated into countries – Papua New Guinea, the USA, South Africa, Brazil, China, Russia, Kiribati, Nigeria, Indonesia, Germany, Turkey and Mexico – and we began to decorate our spaces and start initial research on our country. Throughout the week, as alliances were formed and broken countries got more and more patriotic, sanctions and threats of war became a regular occurrence! All country groups got very involved, protecting their image and their allies as the convention progressed.

Within our countries, we had to vote on specific resolutions, just like in the real United Nations (UN). After a resolution was posed, countries could suggest amendments or new resolutions regarding the same issue. Then, countries would vote, with many choosing to honour their alliances.

Some of the resolutions discussed included:

  • all countries with a very high or high human development index should increase their intake of refugees by 10%.
  • all countries cease use of non-renewable sources of energy production within three years.
  • each country should give 0.7% of their GDP to aid.

The other part of the week included being in “working groups” discussing broad issue areas with representation from each country. Some of the areas of discussion were ‘Women’, ‘First Peoples’, Environment’ and ‘Conflict and Security’. During the week, these groups decided on a specific focus within this issue and worked towards posing a resolution and creating a video. These resolutions were presented today, with many being debated heavily before being passed!

Another aspect of the week were the presenters. On Wednesday, we were spoken to by Jess Timmins about working in non-government organisations and the change we can make through this. Through her work she has been able to work across the country and the globe, most recently in Greece in a refugee camp, where Syrian, Afghani and Iraqi refugees currently reside. This was an immensely inspiring presentation with many girls feeling like they could truly make an impact in the world, myself included.

As the week drew to a close, we celebrated a liturgy, with musical and dramatic performances, as well as Prayers of the Faithful focusing the topics discussed in working groups. At the end of this beautiful celebration we were gifted these words by Ms Watkins regarding the impacts of YCON: “if you are not changed, you cannot create change for others”.

Throughout this week, while we have had to think like those who have significant power in our world to affect change, we have been able to develop our thinking – change our thinking – to see how we can create positive change. This week has been incredibly enjoyable, thought provoking and inspiring and I believe that it is this combination of values that makes the YCON process so valuable. As the final day of YCON ends, I feel that most of Year 10 will walk away feeling empowered to effect change with their newly developed mindsets, myself most certainly included in these ranks.


Isabella Mincher, Year 10

USA Representative, YCON week

Year 9 Laptops

On Tuesday Year 9 received their new laptop.  The process went well and we hope this was the case from your daughter’s perspective as well.  The girls were given a few tips which we provide here for your information:

  • The girls received a start up document which we asked them to go through in the setting up of the new laptop. 
  • We reminded them of the basic principles of  Laptop Care.  The laptop needs to last to the end of Year 12 (2020). We suggested it is probably time to separate their personal music, videos and pictures from their school laptop – especially if they have another device at home.  We reiterated they need to use a carry case and not remove the personalised cover on the laptop lid.
  • Backing up their work is very important and we outlined the different process now set in place through Google.  Google drive is now known as Google “Backup and Sync”.  We also suggested it is also probably time to purchase an external hard drive as a double back up of their work. 
  • We have asked the girls to check all their files are up to date. In particular we reminded the girls to ensure they have all the OneNote sections and that word/PDF documents are available through checking the content of sub folders.

All students (and parents) are encouraged to contact Mr Pluss should they require any assistance.


Mr Martin Pluss

Dean of Learning


CAMPION  Booklists – Years 7 – 11 2018

Booklists for 2018 are now available to order online  at Campion Education, please use the following access code: “7C5F”.

 Please ensure your orders are placed by the due date of 8th December  so that your daughter receives her books in time for the commencement of the new school year. 

Your order will be delivered to your nominated address during the week ending Friday 19 January 2018.

If you have any questions please  contact the Learning Office.


Mrs Rachael Jarick

Learning Assistant 


Upcoming Events for Term 4 2017

Year 10 

Creating Flexible Futures – LAUNCH

Monday 27 November – Thursday 7 December

Years 7 –  11

Years 7-11 Awards Ceremony

Thursday 7 December

4:30pm – 7:00pm

School Gymnasium

Compulsory attendance for all students

Year 12 2017

Principal’s Morning Tea

Class of 2017 HSC Results 

Friday 15 December

10:00 – 11:00

Mary Ward Quad

Class of 2017 students only