This term in Integrated Learning, Year 7 students have been involved in a unit of work based on the musical “My Fair Lady’. Students attended a performance of the musical towards the end of last term which formed the foundation of work that they have undertaken this term.

One of the learning activities the students have engaged in has included devising and presenting a group performance of one of the songs in the musical with minimal teacher input. This activity could appear to only appeal to students with an aptitude or interest Music or Drama, but it is designed to develop a range of skills that 21st century learners need. The task requires creativity and innovation in a collaborative framework and it demands students to take risks and push themselves in areas that they may feel unsure or nervous about. Leadership is fostered and the need to work collaboratively and form effective working relationships is paramount to ensure a successful performance.

Students needed to manage their time and stay disciplined in order to be prepared to perform at their allotted time and they needed to be flexible and resilient in dealing with setbacks or obstacles that can occur when another student is absent or something goes wrong. Some of the students have been presenting their performances this week and it is evident that they have worked as a team to achieve a shared goal; performing with energy, enthusiasm and good humour to convey their interpretation of iconic songs such as ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’. The performances were entertaining, engaging and tremendous fun to watch.

Another area of the creative arts was explored in a workshop where students created a paper print etching of images of flowers. These illustrations are inspired by Eliza Doolittle’s occupation as a flower seller at the start of the play. Students then scanned these etchings into Photoshop and manipulated them to create decorative paper that they then used to make bunches of origami flowers.

This unit is an exciting opportunity to explore the themes and ideas in the musical whilst giving students opportunities to engage with a variety of media.


Mrs Carolina Murdoch

Dean of Learning


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