Year 10 Examinations

Year 10 examinations will be held from Monday 30th October – Tuesday 7th November.  Parents and students are asked to note the following important reminders:

  • Students are required to wear full school uniform when presenting for exams;
  • Students are only required to be at school on the days that they have an exam. Boarders who do not have exams will attend supervised study;
  • If your daughter is a day student and has a morning exam only she must leave the school after the exam;
  • If your daughter is a day student and has an afternoon exam only, she may only arrive at the school just prior to the scheduled exam;
  • If your daughter has more than one exam scheduled on a day, she will be required to attend supervised study in between exams and may not leave the school grounds until all her exams for the day have concluded. This also applies to boarding students unless they have approved leave;
  • If your daughter is a day student and needs to remain at school to attend sport or collect siblings, she must attend the supervised study;
  • If your daughter is unwell on the day of an exam you must call Mrs Jarick in the Learning Office by 8 am and attend a doctor’s appointment. Your daughter must fill out the online Illness/Misadventure form.

Please contact the Learning Office  if you have any further questions.  

Mme Maryse Martin 

Dean of Learning


Upcoming Events for Term 4 2017

Year 12

Year 12 HSC

Monday 16 October –  Tuesday 7 November

Year 9  Assessment Block Monday 16 October – Tuesday 31 October
Year 10  Examinations

Monday 30 October – Friday 3 November

Year 10   YCON Monday 20 November – Friday 24 November
Year 10 

Creating My Future Maximising My Potential

Monday 27 November – Thursday 7 December

Years 7 –  11

Year 7-11 Awards Ceremony

Thursday 7 December

4:30pm – 7:00pm

School Gymnasium

Compulsory attendance for all students

Year 12

Principal’s Morning Tea

Class of 2017 HSC Results 

Friday 15 December

10:00 – 11:00

Mary Ward Quad

Class of 2017 students only