HSC Showcase 2017

There was a tremendous sense of excitement and anticipation in the air last Friday as our Year 12 Aboriginal Studies, Design and Technology, Drama, Extension History, Music 1 and 2 and Visual Arts students prepared for the evening of celebration that awaited them.

In late 2016 we dared to dream of combining our HSC practical exhibitions and performances into one night of celebration.  The dream came to life on Friday as the school was brimming with energy and colour, as students rehearsed and displayed their HSC works to showcase their talents to parents, special guests, peers and teachers.  As parents and guests moved through the exhibition spaces and performance areas their faces expressed the awe that we have all felt as we have witnessed our students’ creativity materialise in such remarkable ways.  Congratulations to all of the Year 12 students who were involved in the HSC Showcase. Your creativity, flair, determination and perseverance was evident to all who attended the Showcase – you should be proud of what you have achieved.  What a fabulous way to mark our 120-year anniversary as a school with this inaugural event. 

Many hands make light work, and there are many people who should be thanked for making the HSC Showcase 2017 such a success.  Thank you in particular Ms Barbara Watkins and Ms Marina Ugonotti for your support and wisdom.  To the Heads of Department and teachers in the abovementioned faculties – without your creativity, guidance and leadership this event would not have come to life and we know that students and parents alike are grateful for the many hours you have spent guiding these projects.  Thank you to the Support and Operations staff who made the event possible, as they worked tirelessly behind the scenes.  Finally, thank you to Mrs Katie Hardyman, past Loreto student and parent, songwriter and musician, for being our special guest on the evening and sharing your wisdom and passion for the creative arts.  Your words were truly inspiring and we are sure that they will resonate with our students for a long time to come. 

These are some of the words  Katie delivered in her welcoming address last Friday evening:

The creative arts play such vital role in society.

 I read this today and I think it sums up beautifully just how much the creative arts mean to society…

 Imagine society without the civilising influence of the arts and you’ll have to strip out what is most pleasurable in life and much that is educationally vital. Take the collective memory from our museums; remove the bands from our schools and choirs from our communities; lose the empathetic plays and dance from our theatres or the books from our libraries; expunge our festivals, literature and painting, and you’re left with a society bereft of a national conversation about its identity or anything else (Sir Peter Bazalgette is chair of Arts Council England)

 Everyday you have an opportunity to be creative…. The canvas is your mind, the brushes and colours are your thoughts and feelings the panorama is your story and the complete picture is a work of art. 

Ms Katie Hardyman (Class of ’88)

Award-Winning Songwriter/Musician


On that note we wish you well Year 12.  Your work this year is so much more than submissions for the HSC.  You have created works that will leave their mark on our school, your families and society.  We know that you will leave Loreto with the knowledge and understanding that these areas of study are vital and play a pivotal role in nourishing society and challenging humanity to think and feel deeply.   


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


Year 11  2017 Parent Information Afternoon – PODCAST

Year 11 2017 Parent Information Afternoon – PODCAST held on Friday 25th August 4pm – 4:45pm.

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Dr Prue Salter – Study Skills Handbook Newsletter – September 2017

Learning Collaboratively

 We are all different in the way we prefer to learn. Some students like to work in groups, and others prefer to work alone. Some students like to discuss things over Skype or messenger and some like to work together in person. There is a reason why we have the saying ‘two heads are better than one’, so let’s see how this applies to different types of students.  Read more.

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