Year 12 Post-trial experience

Congratulations to Year 12 who have almost completed their Trial examinations, with the last examination taking place on Monday 14th August.  They are to be congratulated on their calm and measured approach leading into the trial examinations and throughout the process. 

Upon their return to school the Year 12 students are encouraged to approach the feedback they receive with positivity and a growth mindset.  Students will be asked to compete reflection templates on each of their examinations, setting goals for improvement.  We encourage you to discuss the examination feedback with your daughter and ask them about the goals that they are formulating.  Students should then develop a concrete and realistic study plan to map their time for the remainder of the term.  They will have the opportunity to discuss their goals and study plans with their Tutors during conversations in the coming weeks.  It is also important for students to continue with a collaborative approach to their studies.  Working with their peers at this stage is a certain key to improvement.  The SISU program is currently running in the LRC to provide students with opportunities to collaborate with each other and learn from their peers. 

Best wishes to year 12 in the weeks ahead. 

Ms Kieryn Bateman  

Acting Director of Learning


NAPLAN Readiness Testing – Years 5, 7 & 9

In preparation for potential ONLINE NAPLAN testing in 2018 NESA /ACARA are undertaking NAPLAN Readiness testing in Term 3 this year.

Please note that these are not additional tests and do not replace the Naplan tests conducted earlier in the year. These tests are for administrative purposes only. Students’ Naplan results will be determined by the testing which occurred in May.

Some schools are testing the items for the different components of the testing and other schools are testing the capacity to insure that the school and ACARA systems can meet the technical requirements. 

Loreto Normanhurst will undertake the testing in the week beginning 28 August at the same time as about 400+ other schools in the State. 

The planned dates are:

  • Year 5 –  Monday morning 28 August
  • Year 7 – Monday morning 28 August
  • Year 9 – Tuesday morning 29 August

The specific information you and your daughter need to know is as follows:

  1. There will be two sections for the READINESS TEST:
    • OMNIBUS TEST – 1 HOUR (20 min intro and 40 min test), that is, the test will have a combination of reading numeracy and language conventions
    • WRITING TEST – 1 HOUR (20 min intro and 40 min test)
  2. Year 5 students will undertake the test using their iPads. Years 7 and 9 students will use their laptops.
  3. All devices need to be fully charged prior to undertaking the test.
  4. Each student will need to bring headphones to take the tests.
  5. Students will take the tests using a locked down browser which will be downloaded at school.
  6. As this is a Readiness Test, student work will not be marked and therefore there will be no results available.
  7. Test samples are available on this link.
  8. NESA has produced a factsheet for parents and carers on the NAPLAN Readiness test which is available on this link.
  9. Students are asked to view this testing as an opportunity to engage with online testing strategies.


Mme Maryse Martin

Acting Dean of Learning


Year  9 Parents -Year 10 2018 Subject Selection

As you welcome back your daughters from Far North Queensland and discuss the learning adventure that they have been on you can also take the opportunity talk with your daughters about their subject selection for Year 10 2018.

  • If your daughter selected Elective History or Geography for study in Year 9 she will not drop any electives as this elective‘s place in the timetable will be taken by the Mandatory History and Geography course in Year 10.
  • If your daughter did not select Elective History or Geography she will need to drop ONE of her electives for Year 10 2018. These students will be sent an email with a link to the subject selection tool. We ask that these selections are made by Wednesday 16 August
  • Students can only select course they studied in Year 9.
  • If your daughter would like further information about the Year 10 Elective course she should go the Learning office Canvas Page for Year 9.

If you have any questions or advice  about this process please email Mrs Carolina Murdoch.

Mrs Carolina Murdoch

Dean of Learning


Upcoming Dates to Remember –  Term 3  2017


Year 12

HSC Trial Examinations

27 July – 14 August

Year 11 &  Parents

Year 11 (2017) Parent Information Afternoon

Friday 25 August

16:00 – 16:45

Mary Ward Centre

All Students and Parents

Year 12 Showcase Evening

Friday 25 August

17:00 – 20:00

Various locations around the school

Light refreshments will be served

Year 11 

Year 11 Examinations

Monday 28 August –  Friday 8 September

Years 5 & 7

NAPLAN Readiness Testing Monday 28 August

Year 9

NAPLAN Readiness Testing

Tuesday 29 August

Years 7 – 12

Year 12 Awards Ceremony

Friday 15 September

10:30 – 13:00