Year 7 PDHPE

On Monday, Year 7 students travelled to Manly beach to participate in a Surf Awareness and Education Day as part of the PDHPE curriculum. Participating in the program helps students to gain an awareness of surf safety as well as the skills necessary for the safe participation in aquatic activities. These included:

  • Rip identification and survival by demonstration
  • Still water assessment and basic survival skills
  • Paddling a foam surfboard and catching waves
  • Surf negotiation
  • Rip escape

Students will complete follow up work in class as part of the Water Safety unit.

Mrs Dominique Sidaros

Head of PDHPE


Food Tech Excursion

On Tuesday 7 March the Year 10 Food Technology students attended a High Tea at the Intercontinental Hotel in the City.

We arrived at the Intercontinental Hotel with a warm welcoming greeting from all the staff working there, we were escorted to our seats and served a variety of delicious drinks including, juices, iced chocolate, coffee and tea. All the girls were amazed at the amazing 5 Star service and the fancy table seating.

The real fun started when the entrees were brought out, we were served a large number of different foods including sandwiches, macarons, crème brulee, cakes, and other little bits and pieces. For our main we were served a number of different flavoured pies such as meat pie, onion and goat’s cheese pie, and sausage rolls. By the end everybody was so full from all the great tasting food!

We were then spoken to by a chef and a member of staff at the Intercontinental about their jobs and what working in the Hotel Industry was like. The talk was extremely informative and gave all of us an idea of what working in the Hotel Industry is like.

I am sure all the Year 10 students can agree that this excursion was really enjoyable and gave us a lot of insight into the hotel industry and the busy lifestyle involved in this industry.

Claudia Alvaro and Chelsea Dawes

Year 10


Dance Class Excursion

On Thursday the 10 March, the Year 10 Dance class travelled into the city to see Sydney Dance Company perform their latest production ‘Countermove’. The day started off with a brisk walk to the Opera House, followed by lunch at Observatory Hill, overlooking the beautiful Sydney Harbour. As the time got close to midday we began to walk down to Roslyn Packer Theatre, opposite Sydney Dance Company. The performance comprised of two different dances: Rafael Bonachela’s, ‘Lux Tenebris’ explored light and darkness with fiercely physical movements, powerful score and exquisite lighting. While Alexander Ekman’s Cacti was a brilliantly conceived, laugh-out-loud funny piece that dared to poke fun at contemporary dance. The dancing was astonishing and all the dancers were at their absolute peak, physically and emotionally, totally committed to the work and empowered by this daring, edgy piece of choreography. 

Overall the excursion was a really amazing experience. We watched wonderful performances, learnt more about the production work behind the stage, the work back stage and were able to meet talented dancers and choreographers.

Gemma Page, Tayla Dempsey, Chee Yu Wong and Elizabeth Flannery

Year 10


Learning Dates to Remember:

Monday 14 March – Friday 18 March 2016

Year 12 Assessment Period – some assessments lie outside of these dates


Wednesday 30 March 2016

Year 7 Parents & Students “Tools for Success” Study Skills Evening with Dr Prue Salter

7:00 – 8:30pm, Level 3 Gonzaga Barry Centre.

Compulsory attendance Year 7 – Bookings via Trybookings.com – details will be emailed to parents shortly


Friday 6 May 2016

Year 7-11 Academic Plenaries (1)

1:00pm – 7:00pm

3rd Floor GBC, DRC and surrounding classrooms

(booking details will be emailed shortly)

Monday 9 May 2016

Year 7-11 Academic Plenaries (2)

3:30pm – 7:00pm

School Gymnasium

(booking details will be emailed shortly)

Tuesday 10 May 2016 – Thursday 12 May 2016

NAPLAN Years 7 & 9

Tuesday – Language/Writing

Wednesday – Reading

Thursday  – Numeracy

Information will be emailed shortly

Monday 23 May 2016 – Friday 2  May 2016

Year 12 Assessment Block


Tuesday 14 June 2016

Year 11 2017 Subject Selection Marketplace

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Deirdre Rofe Centre