Subject Selection Year 11 2018

In the coming months Year 10 students will be making decisions about their program of study in Years 11 and 12. In order to best support our students in making these important decisions Loreto Normanhurst is implementing a reviewed subject selection process.  This new process will allow us to provide our students with evidence-based advice and guidance in making these decisions. We hope that this process will enable your daughter to select courses that foster her passions and interests; allowing her to lay solid foundations for her future.

Students will be participating in a comprehensive career assessment program called Morrisby Online. The assessment focuses on career interests, aptitudes and some aspects of personality. The intention is to provide an objective assessment of student strengths and interests and these results should prove helpful in understanding the shape of your daughter’s aptitudes and preferences.  This information can then be used to assist in selecting subjects for Year 10 and eventually in career decisions. Morrisby testing is well established, well researched and is used by many schools in NSW, Victoria and the UK.  Follow the link for further details about Morrisby Online and the results it produces.

Subject Selection Events

In order to support your daughter in the subject selection process we are inviting you to two events:

  • Subject Selection Information evening on Tuesday 13 June. This evening will provide you with the opportunity to meet with Heads of Department and receive important information about the HSC.
  • We are also asking parents to attend a subject selection plenary meeting. These meetings will take place by appointment (on the PTO booking system) from Week 7 of this term and will involve students, their parents and a member of the learning team, and will provide advice and the opportunity to ask questions about courses. We hope that these meetings will be a valuable opportunity to support our students in making make good choices that nurture their aptitudes and interests.

Please contact the Learning Office if you have any further questions or concerns about this process.

Year 12 : Plan to Peak – Cultivating Resilience

Year 12 students are continuing their involvement in the Plan to Peak Program. At the moment we are focusing on how we develop skills of grit and resilience.  The research conducted by psychologist Angela Duckworth has provided a strong framework for us in guiding our students towards success.

We are working with Year 12 students to cultivate  Hope, Interest, Purpose and Practice that have been identified as key indicators for success. It is important that students dedicate time and effort to building their understanding of how these factors can help grow their motivation and achievement. If you have an opportunity to discuss these areas with your daughter, this a great start to a conversation about how they can nurture their growth and success.


Mrs Carolina Murdoch

Dean of Learning


Dates to Remember –  Term 2  2017

Year 12

Assessment Block 2

Monday 29 May 2017 – Wednesday 7 June 2017

Please note that due to scheduling constraints Assessments may fall outside of the block. Students are issued with Assessment Task Notifications and advised of any revisions to the schedule.

Year 10

Year 11 2018 Subject Selection Evening

Tuesday 13 June 2017

Students attend with parents

Deirdre Rofe Centre