YCON 2016

Last week, Year 10 students at Loreto Normanhurst participated in YCON, a week long program designed to challenge our students to consider how they can make the world a better place. The program seeks to give our students team-building skills and opportunities to develop their leadership skills as they finish this stage of their schooling. It was inspiring to see students thinking creatively about issues like Maternal Health, Sustainability and Refugees, and debating these issues in an informed and passionate manner. Below is a student article about the week and some photographs that give some insight into some of the activities involved in the YCON program.


Ms Carolina Murdoch

Dean of Learning


 Student report on YCON 

From the 21st to the 25th of November, Year 10 participated in YCON, a youth conference event that provides a platform for people to come up with solutions for global problems. The main purpose of YCON was to equip students with the ability to think critically and work in a team to come up with solutions to the world’s problems.

 Everyone had to work in twelve different groups/countries and there was also a media team that consisted of students responsible for managing the publicity. The media team was involved in taking photos and videos, writing articles for a newspaper and interviewing people. 

 Each country had a room that they could decorate and showcase as their embassy. They gave PowerPoint presentations to introduce themselves and they had to elect a secretary-general who would come from amongst the nominated presidents of each country. Daniella Bianchi was nominated as the secretary- general of the UN. She was responsible for coming up with new resolutions after debates about child labour and nuclear weapons. The rest of the week was followed by people getting into working parties where they had to discuss global issues and come up with solutions to solve them. There were some fun activities such as making a chair or a bed out of cardboard. There were some other special activities for drama, music and art students which allowed them to think deeper about these issues.

 We heard many interesting people talk this week including Phil Glendenning who talked about the refugee crisis in Australia. we also had Skype conversations with IBVM representatives at the UN, Sister Cecilia and Georgina Kelly. They  talked about the IBVM’s work with the UN and the importance of Loreto’s involvement within the UN.  A representative from an organization named “TWO WOLVES ABROAD” came and talked about how overseas volunteering allows young people to give back to the community, followed by Zambian priest Jacob talking to us about the poor living conditions in Zambia.

 Another highlight of this week was the African drumming workshop as we got to have fun learning songs in other languages and learning cultural dances. We were also able to unleash our drumming talents.

 Overall, YCON has been an enjoyable experience for Year Ten as we have been able to work with new people, develop our critical thinking and problem solving skills and also increase our awareness about global issues.


Gemma Page

YCON Media Team Member



VALID Science Assessment


Year 10 students completed The Validation of Assessment 4 Learning and Individual Development (VALID) on Tuesday 6th September 2016 and received their preliminary scores earlier this week. The VALID Science 10 test is an interactive, multimedia test which contains multiple choice, short response and extended response tasks that are grouped around real-world issues, including scientific investigations. This is a diagnostic test, with tasks framed on Stage 5 outcomes and essential content in the NSW Science Years K–10 Syllabus.

The students achieved some fantastic results.  Comprehensive results with very specific details about how students performed have arrived at school and will be sent to parents at the end of term.

The highlights are:

As shown in the table students performed at least 10 points above the state mean on all sections



Extended response

Knowledge & Understanding

Planning Design and Conducting

Problem Solving and Communicating

Loreto Normanhurst Mean






State Mean






  • 21.4 % of students achieved level 6 (highest – 6.8 % state) and 43.4 % level 5 (24.9 % state)
  • Of the 75 short answer questions the school scored more than 10% above the state mean in 58 questions and was above the state mean 73 questions.
  • 78 % of students improved their performance beyond the expected improvement range based on their Year 8 performance.(which was also well above state and like school levels – This shows exceptional “value adding”.

Congratulations to our Year 10 students on their fantastic performances and we look forward to continuing to work with many students that have selected science subjects in the preliminary course in 2017.


Mr David Little

Head of Science


Year 11  Assessment Period

Assessment Block

The Year 11 assessment period is drawing to a close this week. I would like to thank students for the manner in which they have handled this round of assessments. They have been composed and mature in their approach and have maintained a positive attitude throughout the period. Thank you for your ongoing support which is vital as the school attempts to assist students with their study and preparation for their tasks.

Holiday Study

In the latest Curriculum meeting, we continued our work on the Planning to Peak program with Year 11. In this meeting students examined the idea of holiday study. It was stressed that students need to take some time off to rest and recharge their batteries. They were also encouraged to make time for family and friends, especially over the Christmas period. Students were then encouraged to develop a study plan for the holidays starting in January. We would encourage you to discuss this with your daughters and work with them to negotiate the amount of time to spend on study in the holidays. This is not intended to take over their lives but to keep the momentum of learning going as students are part of the way through their final year of study. Students were also given suggestions for the type of work they could be doing as part of a holiday program. Please be aware that teachers will be setting work for their Year 11 classes to guide them in this. Some examples might be to do some reading for their related texts in English or to use their assessment results to develop a revision program. It is vital that students still allocate time for family and friends as part of their study plans to ensure that they maintain balance in their lives. Next year, the Planning to Peak program will continue with topics such as managing stress and anxiety, how to ask for, accept and respond to feedback and some useful study tips.

Finally, we would like wish you all a safe and blessed Christmas.

Kind regards


Ms Kieryn Bateman and Mme Maryse Martin

Acting Director of Learning &  Acting Dean of Learning


Dates to Remember –  Term 4

Monday 28 November –  Thursday 8 December

Year 10 Creating My Future Maximising My Potential


Thursday 8 December

Years 7-11 Awards Ceremony 2016

4:30pm – 7:00pm

Compulsory attendance for  all students

Parents invited to attend

Friday 16  December

Class of 2016 HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea

Class of 2016 students only


Dates to Remember –  Term 1 2017

Monday 30 January 2017

Classes begin Term 1  (Years 7 – 12)


Monday 30 January 2017

Year 12 Parent Information Evening 2017 – The Year Ahead 

Gonzaga Barry Centre
 7:00pm – 8:30pm



 Parents of Year 12 2017

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