HSC  Planning to Peak Program

Our Year 11 students are currently in the midst of their first round of HSC assessments.  The vast majority of students have handled this assessment period with a calm demeanour and steady approach and are to be congratulated on their positive attitude.  Thank you for your support in setting the appropriate tone at home and establishing clear routines and an atmosphere of calm and normalcy during this time – setting the appropriate atmosphere at both home and school is essential as we all know that teenagers look to their adult role models for support and guidance. 

 Setting Schedules:

In a previous communication I made the point that each HSC student should be studying between 2-3 hours each evening.  Please be mindful that this will vary for each student.  We acknowledge that all students have extra-curricular activities and a social life that is important to maintain.  We request that you work with your daughter to negotiate the appropriate amount of time that fits in with their individual schedules and trust that you will be able to determine the most appropriate schedules with your daughter.

Learning Plans – Goal Setting:

I would also like to take the opportunity to reinforce some messages that have been provided to both parents and students alike as part of our Planning to Peak program for Year 11.  The intent of the program is to ensure that all students are taking ownership of their own learning journeys and setting goals that are appropriate for their journey.  At a recent Curriculum Meeting students worked with teachers to develop their own personal Learning Plans and establish Long Term and Short Term Goals.  The message was sent to all students that the long term goals may be very different for each student – they should not necessarily be focusing on grades, marks or the ATAR as their long-term goal.  Some examples of goals that students set included attaining the RSA, being accepted into a certain university course or remaining calm and happy throughout the HSC year.  What was emphasised to the students was that each goal needs to be personalised and every goal is valid if made with the best intentions.  You may wish to engage your daughter in a conversation about the goals that they are developing. 

Study time:

We have also received both parent and student inquiries about the nature of study that they should be doing and the amount of study that should take place.  Students each received a Study Checklist to assist them with establishing the most appropriate study atmosphere in a variety environments – home, classroom, study lesson.  Student response to this has been largely positive, and students have embraced some recent changes to the structure of our study lessons here at school.  For Term 4 of this year it was decided that students would attend Study Lessons in classrooms that have been allocated specifically for this purpose.  If students wish to attend the LRC during this time they may do so upon application to their classroom teacher.  This new approach was to enable Year 11 students to begin their HSC course with strong study routines and a clear understanding of what Study Lessons are for.  With the roll-out of new timetables for Year 12 in 2017 students will return to the LRC for their study periods; by this point we are confident that all students will have a clear understanding of how to manage their study time effectively. 

 What is next in the Planning to Peak program? 

As Year 11 move into the 2017 calendar year we will revisit their Learning Plans which they have been sharing with their Tutors during Conversation time.  Revisiting their goals and reviewing their progress is essential if these plans are to remain meaningful throughout the HSC year.  We will also address the following areas in upcoming Curriculum Meetings:

  • Managing anxiety
  • Seeking, accepting and responding to feedback
  • How do I study?  Some helpful strategies.
  • Guest speakers – past students and parents sharing their own learning journey


Ms Kieryn Bateman & Madame  Maryse Martin

Acting Director of Learning &  Acting Dean of Learning


Dates to Remember –  Term 4

Monday 28 November –  Thursday 8 December

Year 10 Creating My Future Maximising My Potential


Thursday 8 December

Years 7-11 Awards Ceremony

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Friday 16  December

Class of 2016 HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea

Class of 2016 students only


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