Integrated Learning

This term in Integrated Learning Year 7 students have been involved in a unit of work based upon the musical “My Fair Lady’. Students attended a performance of the musical at the Sydney Opera House towards the end of last term and this has formed the foundation of the work that they have undertaken this term. One of the learning experiences that the students have engaged has involved them devising and presenting a group performance of one of the songs in the musical with minimal teacher input. This activity could appear to only appeal to those students with an aptitude or interest Music or Drama but it is designed to develop a range of skills that 21st Century learners will need. The task requires creativity and innovation in a collaborative framework. It demands students to take risks and push themselves in to areas that they may feel unsure or nervous about. Leadership is fostered and the need to be collaborative and form effective working relationships is paramount if there is to be a successful performance. Students needed to manage their time and be disciplined in order to be prepared to perform at their allotted time and they need to be flexible and resilient in dealing with setbacks or obstacles that can occur when a student is absent or something goes wrong. Some of the students have been presenting their performance this week and what has been clearly evident is that they have worked as a team to achieve a shared goal; performing with energy, enthusiasm and good humour to convey their interpretation of iconic songs such as ‘I Could Have Danced All Night’. The performances were entertaining, engaging and tremendous fun to watch.

Another area of the creative arts was explored in a workshop that resulted in students designing a linocut print that focused on a quotation from the play and accompanying with images that conveyed an understanding of the messages of the musical which is based on George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Pygmalion’.


Mrs Carolina Murdoch

Dean of Learning 



Year 11 – Planning to Peak in your HSC year

This term Year 11 have begun their HSC courses for 2017.  In light of this they are also undertaking a learning program that has been crafted to support them through the HSC course and to give them the strategies and tools that they need to travel the path of the HSC and make the most of the year ahead.  They have already started to consider specific short term goals for the year ahead. 

On Wednesday this week the Learning team and the Careers team met with the Year 11 students to begin our conversation with them around creating Learning Plans that will enable the students to “Plan to Peak”.  Myself and Madame Martin spoke to them about our acronym, PEAK – which breaks down qualities and approaches that will sustain them through the HSC.  We discussed the importance of “Pacing” yourself to ensure you don’t peak too early in the program, Engaging the support networks around you (inclusive of parents, peers and teachers), Approaching your studies with positivity and confidence, and the importance that one “Keeps trying” to build on the successes and revisit goals when things don’t go to plan.  We will revisit the concept of PEAK throughout the coming year to ensure that the students are reminded of this key message.  Additionally, the Careers team spoke to the students about setting long-term goals that will sustain them next year. 

As we move ahead with this program students will be provided with a template that they will use to develop their own individual Learning Plans.  It is on these plans that students will articulate their long-term academic goals as well as the short-term goals that will keep them motivated for the year ahead.  The students will be guided through the development of these plans next week and will have opportunity to discuss these plans with you and their teachers.  Your  daughter may approach you next week to discuss their goals with you.  You may wish to unpack their goals with them, discussing practical measures that they may put in place to achieve these goals. 

With this in mind, please be aware that the advice we give our senior students is that they should be undertaking a minimum of 2-3 hours of study per day.  Students should be completing any set homework each evening, and if they complete this quickly they should then spend time consolidating their learning by creating study notes and completing practice questions.  Clearly, such a commitment needs to be personalised to meet specific needs and demands; it should take into account a balance of leisure/extra-curricular commitments and rest/relaxation commitments. 

Year 11 parents have received a copy via email today of the brochure-style Study Environment Checklist that all students received last week.  We have asked the students to consider their various study environments at school and home to ensure that they are working at their peak! 

Please let myself or Madame Martin know if you have any questions.  We will be sending you regular updates about the program and looking forward to working alongside you throughout this important year for your daughter. 


Ms Kieryn Bateman                                                    Madame  Maryse Martin

Acting Director of Learning                                    Acting Dean of Learning



VALID Assessment Year 8

(Validation of Assessment 4 Learning and Individual Development)

On Thursday 10th November in periods 3 & 4, Year 8 will attempt the VALID Science assessment. The information attached was sent to parents of Year 8 recently. It is an online assessment where students view videos and other stimulus material. They will answer 3 extended response questions and a number of multiple choice, sequencing, or mix and match type questions.

Students will be tested on:

  • knowledge and understanding of  Stage 5 science (years 9 & 10)
  • understanding and skills in the process of scientific investigation
  • ability to evaluate evidence, make judgments and think critically
  • ability to access information and communicate scientific ideas using a variety of strategies.

The task does not contribute to school assessment or reports, but attendance is mandatory. If a student is absent, she must contact Mr Little to complete the task on Friday 11th.

If you have any questions about the task contact the student’s class teacher or email.


Mr David Little

Head of Science 


Dates to Remember –  Term 4

Monday 31 October –  Tuesday 8 November

Year 10 Examinations


Monday 21 November – Friday 25 November

Year 10 YCON


Monday 28 November –  Thursday 8 December

Year 10 Creating My Future Maximising My Potential


Thursday 8 December

Year 7-11 Awards Ceremony

Compulsory attendance for  all students

Friday 16  December

Class of 2016 HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea

Class of 2016 students only


Parents of Year 12 2017

The Year 12  2016/2017 Booklist & Additional Purchase List is now available.

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