Living and Learning with Technology

In Year 9 and 10 conversation periods throughout the year we will be having discussions on the appropriate use of technology for learning and life.  This week Year 9 were reminded of the pathways the girls can walk when using technology.

In essence the message was that  what they post online reveals something about their digital foot print. This foot print does have an impact on their digital reputation and how their digital actions are perceived by others. Once the girls have an understanding of their digital footprint and reputation they can then build on their digital citizenship where they can make good use of the tools of the digital world to make a difference to the world. This is done  through collaborating amongst each other and discussing and planning activities which enable them to make a contribution to society.

During  Wednesday’s Conversation for Year 9 we specifically addressed strategies to help them organise their use of technology by regularly checking privacy settings on Facebook, by undertaking a Google search of their name to see what their digital reputation and footprint is like and generally asked them to be more mindful of what they do online. We finished the discussion examining one question –   “Am I addicted to the internet?” and examined the pros and cons.

Ultimately, we are encouraging the students to use the internet as a tool for good in their dealing with others and harness to potential to explore new concepts and ideas to enhance their learning.

Mr Martin Pluss

Dean of Learning 


Learning Dates to Remember 


Monday 14 March – Wednesday 23 March

Year 12
Assessment Block

Some tasks may be scheduled outside of the block. Year 12 have their assessment schedule.

Wednesday 30 March

Year 7
Parents and Students Study Skills Night with Dr Prue Salter

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