Congratulations to Year 12 who are now in the final days of their HSC Trial Examination Block.  The students are to be commended on their calm and assured manner throughout this process; a positive mindset and composure can make all the difference in such moments of heightened pressure, and the students met these demands with their usual poise and grace. 

As we move into the final weeks of Year 12 we will remind the students that these coming weeks are imperative to their HSC preparation.  Responding in an open and positive manner to the feedback received from the Trial examinations is imperative, as the students work with their teachers to consolidate their knowledge and skills and build momentum towards their final examinations. 

Further information will be shared on the learning page in the comings weeks regarding the final weeks of term and preparation for the HSC.  Well done Year 12! 


Mrs Kieryn Bateman

Dean of Learning



 Learning Dates to Remember

Thursday 28 July  –  Monday 15 August

Year 12 Trials

Timetables have been issued to the students.

Friday 26 August    

Year 11 Parents Afternoon – following Leadership Ritual                 

4:00pm – 4:45pm        

Monday 29 August –  Friday 2 September

Year 11 Assessment Block


Friday 16 September 

Year 12 Graduation Ceremony

Compulsory attendance all students