Year 12 Academic Plenary Meeting Evening – Friday 26 February 2016

Academic Plenaries are opportunities for students, supported by teachers, to share their learning progress with their parents. Teachers will be available for 5-minute meetings from 3:30pm to 6.30pm in the School Gymnasium. Should you have a matter to discuss that will take longer than the allocated time, we request that you make an appointment with the teacher concerned for a more appropriate time.

Bookings for the Plenary meetings are made online (instructions below). The website is now open and will remain open until midnight on Thursday 25 February. On the day of the Plenaries changes or cancellations will need to be advised by email.

To make your bookings:

  • Go to the PTO Login page 
  • The PTO booking site will be launched. Tick OBTAIN PIN/PASSWORD and enter the email address that you have provided to the school as your contact email which should be the address at which you received this information. Your individual PIN will be emailed to you.
  • Full instructions for making your bookings will appear on your screen.
  • Print off your booking confirmation and check the times booked.

Only one booking per teacher can be made for each student’s parents.

When making your bookings, please leave adequate time to move between appointments – 10 minutes is suggested. Teachers will endeavour to meet the appointment time, but there are always inevitable delays. We ask for your patience during the evening. Some teachers may have requested an interview with you in which case the  (!)  symbol  will be displayed alongside the class name.

Parking will be available on the Oval carpark off Osborn Road or any carpark on campus. Prior to attending your meetings, please register with Mrs Wendy Chew Lee at the check-in desk and collect your name tag.

Please email Mrs Wendy Chew Lee on learning@loretonh.nsw.edu.au if you have any questions. If you are unable to attend an appointment on the afternoon of the Plenaries we ask you to call School Reception on 02 9487 3488 so that your daughter’s teachers can be advised.


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Dean of Learning


Year 10 & 11 Parents Information Evening – 5 February 2016

Parents of Year 10 & 11 attended an information evening on Friday 5 February.

The podcast of the evening can be found at:

https://vimeo.com/155072456   (password has been emailed to parents)




Parents of Year 12 attended an informative and convivial evening on Monday 1 February covering the topic “The Year Ahead”.

The podcast of the evening can be found at:

https://vimeo.com/154537996  (password has been emailed to parents)

If you experience problems with the audio, try using Chrome as your browser.


Introducing the ‘We Love Science’ Award!

Film a science experiment and WIN a family trip to Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum! To enter, make a video of yourself conducting a science experiment. Upload the video to your Facebook page, tag @AustralianGeographicShop and use the hashtag #WeLoveScience. Entries will be shortlisted by Australian Geographic, then the final winner will be chosen by public vote.

For more information, please click here


Learning Dates to Remember 


Monday 22 February – Friday 26 February

Year 12
Assessment Block

Some tasks may be scheduled outside of the block. Year 12 have their assessment schedule.

Friday 26 February

Year 12
Academic Plenary Evening 3:30pm -6:30pm

School Gymnasium

Monday 14 March – Wednesday 23 March

Year 12
Assessment Block

Some tasks may be scheduled outside of the block. Year 12 have their assessment schedule.

Wednesday 30 March

Year 7
Parents and Students Study Skills Night with Dr Prue Salter

Top Floor Gonzaga Barry Centre