Year 11 2022 Subject Selection

Subject Selection Plenary meetings for Year 10 will commence on Monday 7th July via Zoom and these will be ongoing until Week 2, Term 3.   

The PTO Booking System is now open to schedule your plenary. Click HERE to book.  For further information regarding how to book, click HERE.

Please note: the PTO System will close to changes the day before each plenary date at 3pm. You can book or reschedule prior to this day and time. If you need to cancel or reschedule after the PTO System has locked, please email learning@loretonh.nsw.edu.au and we will cancel your plenary which will give you the opportunity to rebook for a future date.

The web preferences online system will be opened on the 9th of June at 3:30pm. This system will allow students to select their final units for 2022. This system will be open until Friday 23rd of July.

Students should now be engaging in a period of measured discernment about their future options. We encourage all students to have conversations with both staff and their peers when considering their options. There is also a lot of information on the Learning Office Canvas page students can access that has been prepared by the Heads of Faculty and Year 11/12 students.

Students can commence inserting their subject options from 9th June at 3:30pm and should know that they can change these options at any time up to the 23rd of July.

Please click HERE for a recording of the Transition to Year 11 2022 Subject Selection Evening.
Password: Yr10selection

Mr Marco Scali

Acting Dean of Learning 

Celebrations of Learning

French Excursion

Year 10 and 11 French Students enjoyed a practical experience of French language, food and culture on an excursion to the Alliance Française de Sydney and the “Little Snail” restaurant on Thursday 27 May.

The day started with a quick browse at Abbey’s bookshop, where the girls enjoyed seeing some of their favourite books translated into French, as well as discovering some French language authors.

At the Alliance Française, in the workshop entitled “Le Français dans le monde” (French in the World), students were immersed in a French language learning experience in which they explored the diversity within the global French speaking community. Through interactive group activities and audio-visual presentations from the Alliance teacher, students learned about the reach of French as a language spoken on all continents and used widely on the internet, and the objectives of the International Organisation of Francophonie. Students enjoyed decoding some “Francophone” expressions not found in standard metropolitan French, such as camembérer from Senegal meaning to have stinky feet (like camembert cheese). As a result of this workshop students developed confidence in their ability to understand and communicate exclusively in French with native speakers, realising that they know more than they thought!

After an intense morning session, the girls enjoyed the opportunity to sample some classics of French cuisine such as coq au vin and crème caramel while discussing the day’s learning. Thank you to the School and Head of Languages Signora Thomsett for supporting this worthwhile excursion.


Chinese Excursion

On Thursday the 27th May, we went with Year 11 on our Chinese Excursion. We arrived at 9am and sat in a nice park to talk about the history of the Chinese garden and have some morning tea. We learnt about the meaning behind the garden as well as the history behind why and how it was built. 

Inside the Chinese Garden, we enjoyed exploring the many features such as the Dragon Wall, the bonsai and waterfalls, and learnt more about their importance to Chinese culture. As we walked around it was quite relaxing and we found out some interesting facts. For lunch we went for yum cha where we were served a variety of foods such as dumplings, Chinese vegetables, fried rice, fired noodles and much more. We also all got to try Chinese Jasmine Tea. 

After lunch, we stopped by a Chinese bookstore on our way to Chinatown, which sold books on Chinese culture and language, alongside Chinese acupuncture and herbal medicines. We all had the opportunity to explore the selection and practise our reading skills before we left. Afterwards, we walked to Chinatown to look around and explore some of the shops to practise bargaining in Chinese. Since there was a ShareTea nearby, we were even able to order ourselves Chinese pearl tea before we got back on the bus. 

The excursion was a really good opportunity to immerse ourselves in Chinese language and culture. It allowed us to have a better understanding of Chinese art, food and history and apply what we have been learning in class practically. Overall it was a really fun, interesting and enjoyable experience.

Molly Hanly, Elyse Stephens, Pavarisa Wen and Sarah Chung – Year 10


Dates to Remember


Year 9


Holistic Learning at Loreto Normanhurst and FNQE Education Evening

Tuesday 1 June

7pm – 8pm

Year 10 

AAS Progress Test

Friday 16 July

8.25am – 12.35pm

Year 11

Year 11 Examinations

23 August to 3 September

Year 11 Parent Information Evening

Wednesday 13 October


Year 12


Year 12 Parent Information Evening

Monday 12 July 

Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations

22 July to 9 August

Year 12 HSC Examinations

12 October to 4 November