Year 7 Parent Information Evening – Podcast

We thank you for your attendance onsite and online at our Year 7 Parent Information Evening.

We value your feedback and welcome your recommendations going forward. Please provide your feedback HERE.

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Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director Of Learning


Learning Information Handbooks Years 7-11

Please note that all year groups will have access to their Learning Information Handbooks by the middle of next week; these will also be issued to parents via email. 

We ask that parents are aware that a key aspect of our learning model at Loreto is the development of students as independent learners. We encourage all students to adopt a proactive approach to effectively manage their time and oversee their assessment schedule.  Students can access necessary information on their assessments by referring to  the Learning Information Handbooks and viewing our internal Assessment Calendars via Outlook calendars (online).   We request that students populate their Student Handbooks and/or online assessment calendars themselves, seeking guidance from their advisor or tutor/teacher if required.   

We do ask that your daughter shares her assessment planning information with you. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions via email.

Year 10 HSC Minimum Standards Tests

Year 10 students have now completed their first attempt at their HSC Reading, Writing and Numeracy Minimum Standards tests.   The writing component of the test takes at least 20 working days to mark by NESA. Once we have all the results, students will be notified via their NESA Students Online account.  

We would like to congratulate students for the way they prepared their laptops, engaged with practice tests, and for their overall performance during the Minimum Standard Tests.

There were a small number of girls who were absent for the tests and a make-up time has been arranged on Monday 8 March, during periods 1 to 3.   For students who do not meet the Minimum Standard, we will continue to assist and support them and they will have the another opportunity to undertake the test later this year. 

Year 12 Academic Plenaries

On Friday 19 February, Year 12 students and their parents attended the virtual Year 12 Academic Plenary evening via Zoom.  We congratulate the students on entering into this process with maturity and self-awareness.  A key aspect of the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model is that students reflect on their learning and articulate areas for their own growth.  Year 12 students were able to engage with their parents and teachers in this process on Friday evening and successfully set goals for their HSC subjects.   We trust that parents appreciated the opportunity to hear their daughters reflect on their learning journey and gained a greater sense of their daughter’s progress towards the Trial HSC and HSC examinations.  Thank you to the teachers and parents who were available on the evening to guide Year 12 students through this crucial process in their learning.


Mme Maryse Martin

Dean of Learning

Celebration of Learning


Year 11 Aboriginal Studies Excursion

On Friday 12 February, the Year 11 Aboriginal Studies class went on an excursion to Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park, which is on Guringai Country.

We first met with Uncle Laurie, who showed us an array of handmade Aboriginal tools, such as: clapsticks, skinning stones, boomerangs and a woven basket he traded for. Woven animals of the different totems, such as sting rays and bush turkeys were also featured. During this time before recess, Uncle Laurie described how these tools were made, what trees they would be taken from (in order to be constructed respectfully), as well as a serious conversation about the Frontier Wars and the impact of government policies on Aboriginal Peoples.

We moved on to boomerang throwing, learning the technique and each attempting a throw or two. We continued down the Red Hands Track to see rock art of hands created with red ochre. We learnt how to identify handprints on Guringai Country: a left hand would be a woman, the right a man, while showing of the wrist or arm would depict an Elder.

Our next stop was the Basin Trail. Before we embarked on the trail, we painted our faces, arms and legs with white ochre made by Uncle Laurie in order to show our respect to the ancestors of the land before entering, and we continued on the trail. After learning about punishment systems, we took off our shoes to observe the rock carvings across the site. One of carvings depicted a girl with an initiation belt, some of the others were food sources in the area. They also illustrated the punishment systems: one carving showed a man who had eaten an entire fish, which should have fed the entire community. Next to him, there is a man with swollen elbows who was likely hit for his act of greed. Another carving shows a loving couple under a crescent moon.

We ended the day at West Head Army Track Lookout Site, where we admired the beautiful views, took group photos and said goodbye to our amazing guide, Uncle Laurie. Overall, it was a wonderful experience, where we all learned so much about our First Nation’s People’s culture. I’m sure we’ll be back in no time!

Emma Frank and Feronia Ding

Year 11 Aboriginal Studies students


Dates to Remember

Years 7 – 12

Assembly – Year 11 RoSA 2020

Wednesday 3 March
11:55am – 12:55pm – Gym

Year 7

NAPLAN Online Practice

Tuesday 23 March


Year 7 Parents  & Students Study Skills Evening – Prue Salter

Monday 29 March
7pm – 8.30pm – Livestreamed

Year 8

Year 8 Parent Information Evening – Continuing Your Daughters Journey at LN

Monday 22 March
7pm – 8pm – Face to face and Livestreamed


NAPLAN Online Practice

Tuesday 23 March

Year 9

Holistic Learning at Loreto Normanhurst and FNQE Education Evening

Tuesday 1 June

7pm – 8pm

Year 10 

Learning at Loreto Normanhurst and Subject Selection Evening 

Wednesday 26 May 

7pm – 8:30pm

Year 11

Year 11 Parent Information Evening

Wednesday 13 October

Year 12

Year 12 Parent Information Evening

Monday 12 July 

Year 12

Year 12 In-Class Assessment Block

Monday 8 March to
Thursday 18 March