Welcome back to all students to a new year of learning at Loreto.  I think we can all agree that we learnt a great deal after weathering the storm of 2020 and that there was a silver lining to the many changes that we had to navigate. Staff and students have become even more adept at using technology to enhance and augment their learning, and staff are keen to capitalise on these experiences from 2020.   This year we have committed as a staff to focusing on developing more authentic assessment opportunities for students by harnessing student voice and evaluation in the assessment process. In coming weeks we will communicate with students and parents about this commitment and the positive benefits our changes in this area will have for student learning.   

Starting strong

It is timely to remind both students and parents about the expectations of study and homework for our students.  We remind students that it is important to start the year strong by being organised in their physical spaces at home or in the Boarding School, as well as with their digital files on their devices.  Setting goals around their own learning growth is necessary and something that all students will do with their teacher (in Primary) or their advisor/tutor (in Secondary).   

We ask all parents to please take a moment to engage with the guidelines below regarding homework and assessments.  These will also be shared with students via email next week.


A reminder to parents that homework guidelines are outlined on page 32 of the Student Handbook.   This is an integral part of schooling and helps students develop self-discipline and organisational skills.  Students should revise their classwork regularly and extend their knowledge by reading widely.  The amount of time spent on homework and private study will vary but should average:

  • YEARS 5 AND 6: 30 minutes for Year 5 and 40 minutes for Year 6, several nights per week.  This must include an additional 20 minutes of reading every night.
  • YEARS 7 AND 8: 1 .5–2 hours per night, five times a week.
  • YEARS 9 AND 10: 2–2.5 hours per night, five times a week.
  • YEARS 11 AND 12: 20 hours a week.

Students in Years 7–10 are not expected to do homework or assessment tasks over the school holiday periods, except for reading novels and gathering data for various projects.

Please note Year 7 students do not receive homework in the first two weeks of this term.  Homework will commence for them in Week 3. They will only be receiving approximately 10 minutes per subject, which equates to an hour per weeknight for the first term or so.  Year 7 students have received their laptops, however we ask that they focus their attention on adjusting to secondary school life at this stage, and follow their advisor’s lead in terms of when and how to begin setting up their laptops for effective learning and organisation. 

Assessment Planning

At the commencement of Week 4, parents from Years 7-11 will receive the Learning Information Handbooks.  These handbooks contain important information about assessment tasks, our School assessment policies, as well as the assessment schedules for the year in all subjects. 

Academic Plenaries (Parent/Teacher Meetings)

At Loreto Normanhurst we appreciate the importance of working in partnership with parents and value opportunities that allow our students to share their learning journey with their parents.  One such opportunity is our Academic Plenary process, referred to at other schools as parent and teacher interviews.  At Loreto Normanhurst we ask our students to lead these conversations with their parents and teachers, reflecting on their learning goals and their growth in each subject area.  It is envisaged that all Academic Plenaries will remain virtual this year via Zoom.  The first will be the Year 12 Academic Plenaries occurring on Friday 19th February in Week 4 from 3.30pm to 7.30pm.  Year 12 parents will receive further information regarding booking instructions on Friday 12th February.

Upcoming parent events – Year 7 and Year 11

A reminder to parents of Year 11 students that we will be livestreaming our Parent Engagement and Education Evening – The Year Ahead – on Monday 1 February from 7.00pm-8.00pm.  We request that day parents make time to watch this webinar with your daughter from the comfort of your loungerooms on Monday evening.  Boarder parents, please note that your daughter’s will watch the webinar here at school, and will be encouraged to chat with you about the contents at some point in the days ahead.  We encourage all parents to tune-in for important information about supporting your daughter throughout Year 11 and 12.  A link will be sent to parents and students on Monday before the event. 

We are also hosting a Year 7 parent evening to welcome our new parents and students and to provide information about supporting your daughter as they embark on the secondary school journey.  This event will also be hosted as a webinar and livestreamed to parents and students on Wednesday 10 February from 7.00-8.00pm.  We ask that all parents and students engage with this webinar.  Further information and the link for this event will be distributed to parents via email next week. 


Best wishes for the year ahead. 

Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


Years 7-11  Award Recipients of Term 4 2020

Each year we celebrate student growth across the FACE Curriculum in our end-of-year Award Ceremony.  As this event falls on the final day of the year it is always challenging to celebrate their success in a more public forum.  We would like to take this opportunity to once again recognise and commend those students who received a Major Award, Service to Loreto Award and/or a Principal’s Award. Our students worked incredibly hard throughout 2020 and adapted to change at a very rapid pace. We are proud to reflect on their achievements and once again congratulate the students.

Click here for a full list of Major Award, Service to Loreto and Principal’s Award recipients


Dates to Remember

Years 7 – 12

Assembly  – HSC 2020 Results

Wednesday 3 February
11:55am – 12:55pm – Gym


Assembly – Year 11 RoSA 2020

Wednesday 3 March
11:55am – 12:55pm – Gym

Year 7

Year 7 & 8 Parent Information Evening

Wednesday 10 February
7pm – 8pm –  Livestreamed


NAPLAN Online Practice

Tuesday 23 March


Year 7 Parents  & Students Study Skills Evening – Prue Salter

Monday 29 March
7pm – 8.30pm – Livestreamed

Year 8

Year 7 & 8 Parent Information Evening

Wednesday 10 February
7pm – 8pm –  Livestreamed

Year 9

Year 9 & 10 Parent Information Evening

Friday 26 February
7pm – 8pm – Livestreamed


NAPLAN Online Practice

Tuesday 23 March

Year 10

Minimum Standard Testing

Tuesday 23 February
Wednesday 24 February


Year 9 & 10 Parent Information Evening

Friday 26 February
7pm – 8pm –  Livestreamed

Year 11

Year 11 Parent Information Evening: The Year Ahead

Monday 1 February
7pm – 8pm –  Livestreamed

Year 12

Year 12 Parent & Student Academic Plenary Meetings

Friday  19 February
3.30pm – 7.30pm – Via Zoom


Year 12 In-Class Assessment Block

Monday 8 March to
Thursday 18 March