EXTDAY@LNH – apply now for Term 4  

EXTDAY@LNH is an Extended Day Program for day students in Years 5 to 9, and is intended to meet the needs of families and improve individual student growth. We would like to extend an invitation for you to enrol your daughter into the EXTDAY@LNH Program for Term 4.

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Please note applications close Wednesday 7 October 2020. The program commences Monday 12 October, the first day of Term 4.

“We have been using EXTDAY for our daughter since the program started.  We are really impressed with the attention our daughter receives from the various supervisors when there’s homework to be done, and she needs help with something – or just that little push along to concentrate on the task at hand!  We have noticed a marked improvement in her schoolwork as a result. It’s not all work though – the girls have plenty of time to socialise with each other, and to do any after school sport they may have signed up to. We would definitely recommend the program.”

Current parent


Year 12 2021 Campion Booklist  

We would like to remind you that the  Year 12 2021 Campion Booklist  is  available and can be ordered online.   Please use the following Access Code to order: ‘4SYX’

Orders are due today, Friday 18  September 2020, to ensure your daughter receives her books in time for her commencement into Year 12 in Term 4.   You can still order after this date however your daughter may be delayed in receiving her books.  It is anticipated that your order will be delivered to your  nominated address  by Friday 9 October.

The Year 12 Additional Purchases List has also been finalised, outlining the specific stationery and additional materials required for each subject.  Click here to view.

We have also provided information regarding  our second hand text books service through the Sustainable School Shop.  Click here to view.

If you have any questions, please email the Learning Office.


Mrs Rachael Jarick

Assistant to the Deans of Learning

Year 12 – Dr Prue Salter Study Skills Series

Year 12 were emailed last Friday giving them the opportunity to access the final videos of the Prue Salter Study Skills series.  Of all the videos in the series, these are the most important to watch.  The videos in the series will show students how to make a study plan for the rest of the term, and then go through to your daughter’s last exam.    The last video series complements the study skills and retrieval practice activities the students have been covering in FACEtime.  To access the link and password, students will need to refer to the email previously sent.


Ms Michelle Albert

Dean of Learning

Literature Circles

Over a number of years the English teachers have noticed a decline in reading in our students and, as Rebecca Birch (Acting Head of English) reported in her article earlier this year, the borrowing rates from the Learning Resource Centre reflect a decline in borrowing as students age, with a pronounced downward trend by Year 9.

The English faculty is cognisant of the competing priorities when it comes to reading. We want our students to be articulate and well-read individuals, yet they are reading quality texts less and less. The research says that reading is so important for the development of core literacy skills like comprehension, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary12, yet our students have a waning engagement with the kinds of texts that will help them grow in these areas. In data collected from a cross-section of our Year 8 students, a significant number of students reported in an open-ended question that time was the biggest obstacle to their reading for pleasure.

We get it; we live in a society that places ever-increasing demands on our time, from homework to the myriad of activities students pursue outside study to social media. Where are we meant to fit reading in amongst our already cluttered days? Demanding students forgo other passions to read more is certainly not the answer. One student reported that “I feel like reading is… a chore now.”

The English and LRC faculties have been debating how to revive a love of reading in our students and in our research have found that Literature Circles meet the needs of our students345, and both faculties have collaborated to deliver a program to Year 8 in Term 4. Literature Circles involve students being exposed to a variety of quality fiction and non-fiction choices and selecting a few that resonate with them. They are then placed into groups with peers who have also chosen one of their preferences and will read through sections of their book that their group has agreed upon before discussing it in a structured but informal way. Students will have whole periods across several weeks to enjoy their book and digest the ideas in it as they periodically come back together with their group to unpack the meaning they have garnered from the pages. We will be giving back what so many of our students need to enjoy reading again: time.

Through the Literature Circles we are seeking to:

  • Generate a love of literature
  • Normalise discussing books with peers
  • Expose students to quality texts
  • Develop social skills, especially discussion skills
  • Practice comprehension and inference skills in a low-risk environment
  • Build vocabulary through exposure and explicit unpacking

As the holidays approaches you may consider striking up conversations with your daughter about reading (both yours and theirs). Interestingly, in my data collection Year 8 have reported being most interested in the action, drama and mystery genres. We are looking forward to the program.


Mr Victor McGee

English Teacher

For Bibliography References Click Here

Celebration of Learning

Year 11 Science  students internship at Futures Project

This year, Loreto Normanhurst was fortunate enough to take part in the Future Project at The King’s School. The Future Project is an extracurricular internship at King’s state of the art science centre where we as senior interns are partnered with some of the companies based at the facility. The Future Project for 2020 has students from around 11 different schools, with 38 Senior Interns in total. To have one girl from Loreto, let alone three, be accepted into the program is a huge accomplishment. 

Before COVID, we were each assigned to a different company and project.

Ashlyn was assigned to Aegros, a pharmaceutical company revolutionising the field of plasma therapy, Chelsea was assigned to VOW, a company that grows meat in a lab to reduce the impact of agriculture on the environment, and Matilda was assigned to Quantal Bioscience, a company that uses applied microbiology to research and observe microorganisms that live in harsh environments. 

We worked on our respective projects from the PC2 laboratories at King’s, until we were forced into isolation due to COVID-19. All our projects were put on hold, and instead, we partook in ‘Isohack’ on zoom. This was another project hosted by Quantal Bioscience in which we used gene sequencing software to help a biologist, Scott Mitchell, with his PhD research. Scott is currently researching different types of microbial isolates found in horse guts, and how this differs depending on a horse’s location and diet.

When we were able to return to face to face meetings, Ashlyn and Chelsea were able to work with VOW, and spent a week of the winter holidays with our group in the PC2 labs learning about VOW’s cell growing technique and other various scientific concepts from a synthetic biologist working in the King’s Science Centre, Alex Kelly.

We would like to thank The King’s school, as well as Aegros, VOW and Quantal Bioscience for giving us this amazing opportunity. For anyone in Year 10 who has an interest in any science at all or are just curious about what science looks like after high school, we strongly recommend this program for you. It is a great way to make friends with students from other schools and gain insight into the work of scientific researchers.


Dates to Remember – Term 3 2020

Year 12

HSC Showcase Friday 18 September |  5 – 9pm


Dates to Remember – Term 4 2020


HSC Examinations Tuesday 20 October to Wednesday 11 November


Year 10 Examinations Monday 26 October to Friday 30 November

YEARS 7 – 11

Year 7 – 11  Awards Ceremony 2020 Thursday 3rd December 2020


HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea Mid December – To be advised