Welcome back to Year 12

Congratulations to our year 12 students for their calm and assured manner throughout the trial exams – they handled the past two weeks with resilience and positivity. 

The Year 12 teachers have been looking forward to having Year 12 students back in class.  We have advised Year 12 students to make sure that they seek feedback from their teachers as the  trial exams are returned to them.  It is very important that they keep an open mind when receiving feedback, and treat the trials as a learning opportunity.  They now need to consider their strengths and their areas of opportunity, seeking out strategies and guidance from their teachers that will help them improve for the HSC exams – there is still so much room for growth!   

Congratulations to all of the Languages students who have already completed their HSC speaking exams and best wishes to those who have speaking exams in the coming weeks.  Congratulations to all of the Drama students who completed their performances this week.  Best wishes also to all of the Year 12 students who have Major Works due across Textiles, D&T, VA and the Music performances.  Congrats to Ext 2 English, Extension History and the Aboriginal Studies students on the completion of their major projects.   It has been a big term for all of them and they should be proud of their achievements.

Now that the trials are over, if parents and students haven’t as of yet engaged with the podcast  that we published for you earlier this term, it is still a valuable resource that you should listen to.  Please click here to view the podcast.  Password: LoretoHSC

Good luck to Year 11

Best wishes to Year 11 students who will complete their yearly examinations in Weeks 8 and 9.  Students are reminded to engage with the rules and requirements that are listed on their exam timetable.  Students are only required to attend school for their scheduled exams.  They are welcome to study at school in the LRC in between exams or on days when they don’t have exams scheduled.  Students have been emailed regarding the protocols around studying here at school. 


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning

Year 11 Examinations

The Year 11 Examinations will take place next Monday 7 September to Wednesday 16 September inclusive. During this time, students in Year 11 will not be required to attend regular classes.

Year 11 students are reminded to carefully read the student instructions attached to the   Examination Timetable.

Students should particularly note the following:

  • Please arrive  15 minutes before  each examination is due to begin. The starting times are indicated on the timetable. No allowance will be made for students who have misread the timetable.
  • If you are  absent from an examination due to illness/misadventure you   must:
    • Email the Learning Office  before 8:00am  and include your name, examination subject and phone number.
    • Provide a medical certificate and/or written documentation to the Learning Office.
    • Complete the online Illness and Misadventure application on CANVAS as per normal process.

Students should also notify the school when they are returning so that make up examinations can be arranged.  Make-up examinations generally take place on the first day on which the student returns to school, unless other arrangements have been made with the Learning Office.

Best of luck to all Year 11 students.


 Mme Maryse Martin

Dean of Learning


Year 12 2021 Campion Booklist  

We are pleased to advise that the  Year 12 2021 Campion Booklist  is now available and can be ordered online.   Please use the following Access Code to order: ‘4SYX’

Please place your order as soon as possible,  or by Friday 18  September 2020 at the latest, to ensure your daughter receives her books in time for her commencement into Year 12 in Term 4. It is anticipated that your order will be delivered to your home, office or any other nominated address  on Friday 9 October.

The Year 12 Additional Purchases List has also been finalised, outlining the specific stationery and additional materials required for each subject.  Click here to view.

We have also provided information regarding  our second hand text books service through the Sustainable School Shop.  Click here to view.

If you have any questions, please email the Learning Office.


Mrs Rachael Jarick

Assistant to the Deans of Learning




Did you know that  dancing doesn’t only make you feel good, it also helps reduce  stress and anxiety? Plus, dancing alongside other dancers lights up brain pathways and assists in establishing connection with others.  Loreto Normanhurst now offers Dance as an elective subject from Years 9 through to 12. So far, students have had the opportunity to learn about movement principles, compositional skills and stylised techniques. They’ve also taken a deep dive into the analysis of dance history and how to appreciate dance as a work of art. It’s so exciting to see this subject flourish and to provide the opportunity for our Normo girls to creatively express themselves through the art of dance. Take a sneak peek at the video montage revealing what the world of dance looks like at Loreto Normanhurst.


Year 7 Religious Education  – World Religions

In Term 3, Year 7 Religious Education is exploring the topic ‘World Religions’. There are five main world religions: Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Islam and Christianity. Each world religion has its own particular expressions of the components of all religious traditions. These religious traditions are all part of Australia’s multicultural society, so it is important that we learn about these religions to build dialogue, tolerance and respect for those in our communities, in order to live in peace and harmony. Below are some images and comments from the Year 7 students about their experiences exploring these world religions.

“During our Religion lesson we got to explore more about World Religions and it fascinated me very much. I believe that learning about these religions helps me understand people better. I really enjoyed getting to learn about Buddhism as it was very new and exciting to me. What I found interesting was the hand symbols that they used and why they used them. I also was fascinated by the prayer wheels and traditions as its very different from what my normal traditions are.”  – Ivy

“I really enjoyed the lesson on World Religions in the LRC. It has broadened my knowledge on the other religions and about their traditions and rituals.”  – Keenor

“Through our lesson in the LRC we discovered and learnt about the four other major World Religions across the globe. By reading and observing information, we have grown to understand more about Hinduism, Judaism, Buddhism and Islam from the wonderful resources provided in the LRC.” – Aisling

“What an amazing opportunity the World Religion’s lesson in the LRC was. Going around to different tables and looking at the objects, was my favourite part, as you got to see what made their religion special and unlike anyone else’s.” Zara

As the Year 7s explored these World Religions in more detail, some classes began their lesson with the prayer.

Heavenly Father,
As I open my eyes, not to see the world more clearly, but to see You.
As I open my eyes to see you working around me and in me,
Allow me to walk a mile in the shoes of someone from another World Religion,
So that I may see what they see, hear what they hear, feel what they feel,
for then maybe I will understand why they do what they do and not judge them.



Dates to Remember – Term 3 2020

Year 12

HSC Showcase Friday 18 September |  5 – 9pm

Year 11

Year 11 Examinations Monday 7 September – Wednesday 16 September