Year 12 Trial Examinations

The formal Year 12 Trial Examination period will take place from Monday 17 August to Monday 31 August inclusive. During this time, students in Year 12 will not be required to attend regular classes.

Year 12 students are reminded to carefully read the student instructions attached to the trial timetable, with particular attention to the following:

  1. Students are to arrive 15 minutes before each examination is due to begin. The starting times are indicated on the timetable. No allowance will be made for students who have misread the timetable.
  2. If a student is absent from an examination due to illness/misadventure she must:
    1. Notify the school before 8:00am and leave her name, examination subject and phone number with the Learning Office on 9473 7336; and
    2. Submit an online Illness & Misadventure application  AND provide a medical certificate /written documentation to the Learning Office as per normal procedure.

Students should also notify the school when they are returning to school so make-up examinations can be arranged. Make-up examinations generally take place on the first day the student returns to school unless other arrangements have been made with the Learning Office.

The Trial Timetable and further  information can be found here.

Best of luck to all Year 12 students.


Mme Maryse Martin 

Dean of Learning

Preparing for the final months of the HSC – a family guide 

At this time of the year we would normally welcome our Year 12 parents and daughters to an information evening regarding the coming weeks and months in the HSC journey.  Due to current COVID-19 restrictions we are unable to host the event this year here onsite.  As such, we have recorded the session for you and request that you engage with the PODCAST at some stage over the coming week. 

Password for Podcast:  LoretoHSC

The podcast contains essential information for Year 12 students and their parents regarding how to prepare for the Trial and HSC examinations, careers advice, including UAC processes and information about pathways beyond the HSC and general words of encouragement!  We know that the unprecedented change we have all experienced due to COVID-19 has had a particular impact on our Year 12 cohort, and so we acknowledge these changes and how both NESA and UAC have responded to the situation. 

We ask that you engage with this Webinar as a family, where possible.  We appreciate that this is more challenging for our boarder students and know that you may need to engage with it separately, however we do ask that you make time to chat about the content of the webinar over the coming weeks.  Year 12 students were given additional time to engage with the webinar during our FACETIME session last Friday 31 July.

Please note below that Careers have provided an overview of additional detail that they were unable to unpack in the webinar.  The Year 12 students also accessed this information today when our Careers team presented to them during Conversation time.   


Careers Information

The Careers department video presentation contains information regarding UAC, schools recommendation scheme (SRS), scholarships, early entry, residential colleges and other important information. Some more specific information is also below.

UAC – general applications/SRS

  • All university courses on University Admissions Centre (UAC) will be uploaded to www.uac.edu.au by August.
  • Students should complete their initial UAC application by 30 September, if they have not already (this is when early bird applications will close).
  • Schools Recommendation Scheme applications should also be completed ASAP, to ensure that students are considered for all schemes.

A newly introduced Canberra University SRS will close in August.

Educational Access Scheme

Further to the general information provided in the video presentation, below is more specific information regarding the Educational Access Scheme (EAS):

  • EAS is for students whose studies were negatively affected as a result of circumstances beyond their control or choosing
  • The scheme is for disadvantages lasting six months or longer
  • Please see here for a list of EAS Categories – please note you can open the tabs for a complete list of each code.

NB: New codes are also being added for 2020 – these will only be able to be added to UAC applications from August.  

    • Two new disadvantages in response to COVID-19 (Under the category of Financial Hardship)
      • Code: F01K – JobKeeper payments – Parent/guardian received payments for at least three months
      • Code: F01S – JobSeeker payment  – Parent/guardian received payments for at least three months
    • N01D Natural disasters (Under the category of Severe Family Disruption)

If you have questions regarding any of the Careers content, please don’t hesitate to email  Ms Alexi Kayes or Ms Katrina Smith (Careers Advisors) at careers@loretonh.nsw.edu.au.

Any questions regarding learning, exam timetables and assessment should be directed to Ms Kieryn Bateman or Mme Maryse Martin at learning@loretonh.nsw.edu.au


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning 

Dates to Remember – Term 3 2020

Year 12

Year 12 Trial HSC Examinations Monday 17 August – Monday 31 August


HSC Showcase Friday 18 September |  5 – 9pm

Year 11

Year 11 Examinations Monday 7 September – Friday 18 September

Year 7 – 11

Year 7 – 11 Academic Awards Assembly Wednesday  5 August 



The Biscuit Challenge

Photo by Georgia Arcus, Year 11

“Across Term 2, Year 11 Business Studies completed ‘The Biscuit Challenge’ as a part of their Preliminary Course requirement to cover the topic Business Management. Under this task, we were given a base recipe for biscuits and had to add 2 secret ingredients to differentiate our product and market it to consumers.

I created a biscuit for those looking for a healthy but sweet treat which took into consideration dietary restrictions. This was prompted by those around me who suffered with dietary needs and were restricted when it came to enjoying sweeter treats. I combined coffee and chocolate to differentiate my biscuits and create ‘Choc-Caffeine biscuits’ (which were gluten-free, dairy-free, low sugar and vegan). 

From this challenge, I was able to form a deeper understanding behind the structure needed to create an innovative product and how hard it was to suit multiple consumer needs. I really enjoyed completing this challenge as it was a diverse learning experience, especially during the high-stress of COVID-19 and the movement to online learning – the business task provided an assignment which involved practical elements and critical thinking skills rather than just being theoretical based. This task also allowed for my whole family to be involved by getting to taste and provide feedback on the final product and contribute to my market research.

By doing this assessment, I feel I have gained a more practical understanding of Business Studies terminologies and content. This also provided case examples for me to refer back to by helping understand through the eyes of an innovator, the smaller steps in creating a business.” 

Lily Hudson, Year 11


“As a part of my Year 11 Business Studies ‘Biscuit challenge’ assignment, I was asked to create a biscuit with supported market research, an operations vlog, a financial break-even analysis and a marketing plan in order to promote my product.

In my assignment, I conducted market research to determine an appropriate target market, price, flavour, and preferred packaging. This involved surveying many of my peers and creating pie charts and graphs supporting my choices.

We were also given the opportunity to physically make our biscuit in our kitchens during quarantine. I created my biscuit, the ‘Peanut Butter Mars Bar Delight’, whist outlining and explaining the operations that took place to create the product through an educational video.

I then created a break-even analysis document to determine at what point my biscuit business would begin to make profit. This finance segment of the assignment was particularly helpful as it forced me to fully engage with a break-even analysis table, preparing me for future assessment business plans and finance questions.

The final part of my assignment was to create a promotion to market my product to my target market. I chose to create a short advertisement that would appear online and on TV. In doing so, I conducted further research into elements found in my advertisement that would resonate with and attract my target market including symbolic colours, emotive marketing strategies, visually striking images and appropriate music.

In doing this assessment, I learned about the importance of research in producing and marketing a successful product. I really enjoyed not only creating my biscuit business but engaging in the, minor but similar, process that micro and small businesses undergo in the early stages of their company.”

Tiana Paul, Year 11

Year 8 Drama Design Task

 In Term 2, Year 8 Drama students studied an adaption of Alice in Wonderland written by Mary Anne Butler.  The adaption spins Lewis Carol’s original version on its head setting the play in contemporary Australia. Alice yearns to be on the footy field but is torn between her dreams and what society expects of her as a girl.  Students performed excerpts of the script in class and also engaged with the text by designing costumes, posters and sets for the play. Please enjoy a selection of these outstanding designs currently on display in the LRC.

Ms Anna-lea Russo
Head of Drama