Years 7 & 9 NAPLAN Online Practice – 24 March

In preparation for the 2020 Online NAPLAN Testing in May (Term 2, Weeks 3 and 4), students will be given the opportunity to undertake two 40 minute practice tests which will be held on Tuesday 24 March.  The two tests are Writing and an Omnibus Test comprising of a combination of Reading, Numeracy and Language Convention questions. 

We are confident that our students are well-equipped to engage with the online mode of testing as they utilise technology in the curriculum daily.  The benefits of students engaging in the practice test are to assist them in becoming familiar with the specific ACARA testing platform and the types of questions asked.  It will also ensure the school installed Locked Down Browser on student laptops is operational, and that any other concerns can be addressed prior to the official testing in May.  

Students will need to bring headphones and ensure their laptop is fully charged prior to undertaking the test.   As this is a practice test, student  work will not be marked and therefore no results will be available.   If students are absent on the day of the test, a catch-up is not required.   Instead they can access the Public Demonstration Site to familiarise themselves with the range of questions and onscreen tools, timers and interactive navigation used by the testing platform.  

For further information, please refer to the ACARA Information Sheet  and information from the NAPLAN website  and FAQs.

We are asking parents and students to view the practice test as a positive opportunity to engage with online testing strategies and an important part of the preparation for the school delivering Online NAPLAN Testing in May.  If you have any questions, please contact the Learning Office: at learning@loretonh.nsw.edu.au


Mr Martin Pluss 

Dean of Learning


TERM 2 – EXTDAY@LNH (Extended Day at Loreto Normanhurst)

ADVANCED NOTICE:    Parents of day students from Years 5 to  9, will soon be sent an Application Form via email, to enrol in our exciting program for Term 2.  EXTDAY@LNH is an after school program intended to meet the needs of families and improve individual student growth.  For more information about the program please Click here.  If you have any questions, please email EXTDAY@loretonh.nsw.edu.au.


Mrs Rachael Jarick

Assistant to the Deans of Learning


Study skills top for March – Top tips for memorising notes 

Dr Prue Salter – Enhanced Learning Educational Services

Many students find it really difficult to cope with the memorisation that can be needed for tests and exams. Of course you can’t just rote learn and regurgitate, you need to be able to apply the skills of what you have learnt. However there is also a certain amount of memorisation of content, formulas and definitions for example that will be necessary. So how can students make this process easier?

 Make your notes as brain-friendly as possible, point form, tables, diagrams and no big long sentences or paragraphs.

  1. Start the memorisation process of your notes early, don’t wait until just before the test or examination.
  2. Memorisation involves testing yourself over and over and over and over. So read a section, then see what you can say or write down without looking. Then go back and see what you got wrong or didn’t know.  Put a pencil mark next to these bits.
  3. Now focus on the bits you didn’t know. Say them out loud, repeat them to yourself, write them down a few times.
  4. Then test yourself on those bits again and see if you remembered more this time.
  5. Do this over and over and over again. Then do it one more time again.
  6. Make flashcards or use a flashcard App on your phone to create flashcards on the parts you find hard to remember. Review these every day before the test.
  7. Make a list of the key concepts you find hard to learn and each night read through them just before you go to sleep and first thing when you wake up as these are powerful memory times.
  8. Do lots of practise questions without looking at your notes or the answers to see if you can a) remember and b) apply the information. Review the things you did not remember again.
  9. Your job is to keep testing yourself in order to find out which bits have not stuck in your memory yet so you can review these until they do.

Learn more this year about how to improve your results and be more efficient and effective with your schoolwork by working through the units on www.studyskillshandbook.com.au . Our school’s access details are:

Username:   loretonh
Password:  loretonh


Dates to remember:


Year 12 In Class Assessment Block

Monday 9 March– Friday 20 March


Year 11 Study Skills – Dr Prue Salter

Monday 6 April

YEAR 7 & 9

NAPLAN Online Practice Tuesday 24 March

Term 2 2020

Year 12

Year 12 Assessment Term 2 Block

Friday 15 May – Thursday 28 May

Year 12 Study Skills – Dr Prue Salter (Students)

Thursday 27 June
8.45am | Curran Theatre

Year 10

Subject Selection Evening

Wednesday 3 June
7.00pm – 8.30pm | GBC-DRC

Subject Selection Individual Plenaries

Over Term 2 Weeks 8 and 9

Year 9


Tuesday 12 May – Monday 18 May
Catch-up tests on 18-19 May

Year 7


Tuesday 12 May – Friday 15 May
Catch-up tests on 18-19 May

Years 7-11

Academic Plenary Meetings

Friday 22 May
1:00pm – 7.30pm | LRC-GBC-DRC

Tuesday 26 May
3.30pm – 8.00pm |  Gymnasium