Year 10 HSC Minimum Standards Tests

Year 10 students have now completed their first attempt at their HSC Reading, Writing and Numeracy Minimum Standards tests.   The writing component of the test takes at least 20 working days to mark. Once we have all the results we will inform students on how to access their personal NESA Students Online account.  

We would like to congratulate students for the way they prepared their laptops, engaged with sample questions and answers and for the focus they displayed under test conditions.

 There are a small group of girls who were absent for the tests and a make-up time has been arranged on Tuesday 10  March, during periods 1 to 3.   For students who do not meet the Minimum Standard, we will assist and support them and they will resit the test later in the year. 


Mr Martin Pluss

Dean of Learning


Podcast | Year 7 Parent Engagement and Education Evening – held on  Monday 17 February 2020

Thank you to parents and students who attended  our Year 7 information evening. Please find a link to a Podcast of the evening here. 

Password: engagedu2020


Year 12 Academic Plenaries

On Friday 21 February, Year 12 students and their parents attended the Year 12 Academic Plenary evening.  We congratulate the students on entering into this process with maturity and self-awareness.  A key aspect of the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model is that students reflect on their learning and articulate areas for their own growth.  Year 12 students were able to engage with their parents and teachers in this process on Friday evening and successfully set goals for their HSC subjects.   We trust that parents appreciated the opportunity to hear their daughters reflect on their learning journey and gained a greater sense of their daughter’s progress towards the Trial HSC and HSC examinations.  Thank you to the teachers and parents who were available on the evening to guide Year 12 students through this crucial process in their learning


Learning Information Handbooks Years 7-11

Please note that all year groups will have access to their Learning Information Handbooks by early next week; these will also be issued to parents via email. 

We ask that parents are aware that a key aspect of our learning model at Loreto is the development of students as independent learners. We encourage all students to adopt a proactive approach to effectively manage their time and oversee their assessment schedule.  Students can access necessary information on their assessments by referring to  the Learning Information Handbooks and viewing our internal Assessment Calendars via Outlook calendars (online).   We request that students populate their Student Handbooks and/or an online assessment calendars themselves, seeking guidance from their advisor or tutor/teacher if required.   

We do ask that your daughter shares her assessment planning information with you. 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.


Ms Kieryn  Bateman

Director of Learning


Dates to remember:


Year 12 In Class Assessment Block

Monday 9 March– Friday 20 March


Year 11 Study Skills – Dr Prue Salter

Monday 6 April

YEAR 7 & 9

NAPLAN Online Practice Tuesday 24 March


Year 7 Parents & Student Study Skills Evening with Prue Salter

Monday 6 April   | 7:00pm – 8:30pm – DRC