Year 10 – SPRINT and LAUNCH

As we approach the final weeks of term, Year 10 students will be involved in two programs that have been designed to challenge and extend them in the final days of their Year 10 experience. The SPRINT and LAUNCH programs will commence in Week 6 and conclude in Week 8. Year 10 students will attend school as per their normal school schedule but will participate in these programs instead of their Year 10 timetabled lessons.  


What is SPRINT? 

Last year we trialled a new programme with our Year 10 cohort that was the result of our participation in the Association of Independent School’s (AISNSW) Elevate program. The program we undertook involved redesigning learning experiences to increase students’ creative confidence in responding to an uncertain world. Given the success of last year’s program, we have decided to run it again.

From Monday 18th to Friday 22nd November the entire Year 10 cohort will participate in a week long  design sprint. We use the methodology invented by  GV (formally Google Ventures) which is the venture capital arm of Alphabet, Inc. GV uses design sprints to work with companies they’ve invested in and which push the edge of what’s possible across the fields of science, healthcare, artificial intelligence, robotics, transportation, cybersecurity, and agriculture.

The sprint process aims to help teams clearly define goals, validate assumptions and decide on a roadmap before committing to developing the idea further. It is fast paced, encourages action and experimentation and, importantly, encourages tolerance for failure and setbacks.

To this end, our students will work in small teams on a real world problem, the problems include social issues and business challenges. The week will be carefully structured with a clear goal for each day. We have engaged a variety of partners to work with the students in helping them understand their given problem, provide feedback on their ideas and participate in a panel after the week where each team will present their final idea. 

What to expect?

The pace of the sprint methodology may mean your daughter is more tired than usual, she may be more enthused about what’s happening at school and she may feel the pressure of working in a team towards a presentation on Friday afternoon. GV promulgates a ‘tech free’ week as much as possible so there will be certain days of the week where access to email and phones are limited. If you communicate with your daughter this way regarding after-school plans you might consider this ahead of the week.

We feel that asking students to engage with a real world problem solving methodology favoured by big business, health services and social enterprises alike is asking them to prepare for a world where they will need transferable skills such as deep collaboration, critical and creative thinking and the confidence to back their ideas. Indeed, Integrated Learning at Loreto has always been about trialling and experimenting with radical new ways of delivering learning experiences that add value across all individual learning areas.

As a complement to and, at times, break from, the design sprint the students will be involved in some physical activity. They are therefore to wear their Loreto sports uniform for the entirety of the week.

Our industry partners are all very excited about working with young people on such an ambitious project. With this in mind, at least one partner has asked to create a video of the event. We ask parents to please note the photography and videography notice below:

Photographs and videos will be taken at this event. These images and videos may be displayed from time to time around the school, and published in school publications, on its website and its social media sites. Images from this event may also be used for marketing and communications purposes. If you have any concerns or require additional information, please contact the Marketing and Communications Office via email at: news@loretonh.nsw.edu.au.


What is LAUNCH? 

The LAUNCH program will take place for all Year 10 students from Monday 25th November to Wednesday 4th December. LAUNCH is a program designed to provide students with the challenges and opportunities of senior learning approaches before the commencement of their official Year 11 courses in 2020. Each student will receive a ‘taster’ timetable that will provide them with the opportunity to sample the subjects they have chosen for Year 11 2020 and gain insight into these areas. Students will be engaged with teachers from each subject area in learning experiences that are modelled on those of the senior curriculum, providing them with a platform to ask questions of expert teachers in preparation for their senior program of study.  

What does it mean for my daughter? 

LAUNCH is an exciting program for Year 10 and one that we ask them to embrace to ensure their readiness for Year 11 2020. Students will be required to come equipped for learning as they would on a regular school day, with their laptop and equipment necessary for their chosen subject areas. Students will be required to wear full school uniform throughout the LAUNCH program. Students will be asked to complete homework tasks throughout this program; the goal of such homework tasks is to reinforce essential skill development and content familiarisation for their senior subjects.  

If you have any questions about either of these programs please do not hesitate to contact either of us via  email.


Mrs  Kieryn Bateman & Ms Elizabeth Green

Director of Learning & Knowledge and Learning Strategist


Dates to Remember – Term 4 2019


HSC Examinations Thursday 17 October to Monday 11 November


Year 10 Examinations Monday 28 October to Tuesday 5 November
Year 10 SPRINT & LAUNCH Monday 18 November to Friday 29 November

YEARS 7 – 11

Year 7 – 11  Awards Ceremony 2019 Thursday 5 December –  12:45pm | Gym


HSC Results Principal’s Morning Tea Wednesday 18  December – 10-11am | Undercroft