Year 11 Examinations

The Year 11 Examinations will take place next Monday 2 September to Friday 13 September inclusive. During this time, students in Year 11 will not be required to attend regular classes.

Year 11 students are reminded to carefully read the student instructions attached to the  examination timetable .

Students should particularly note the following:

  • Please arrive  15 minutes before   each examination is due to begin. The starting times are indicated on the timetable. No allowance will be made for students who have misread the timetable.
  • If you are  absent from an examination due to illness/misadventure you   must:
    • Email the Learning Office  before 8:00am   and include your name, examination subject and phone number 
    • Provide a medical certificate and/or written documentation to the Learning Office.
    • Complete the Online Illness and Misadventure application on CANVAS as per normal process.

Students should also notify the school when they are returning so that make up examinations can be arranged.  Make up examinations generally take place on the first day  the student returns to school unless other arrangements have been made with the Learning Office.

Best of luck to all Year 11 students.


Mme Maryse Martin

Dean of Learning



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