Naplan testing

Year 7 and 9 students participated in Naplan testing this week. Educators agree that diagnostic testing is a valuable tool to help teachers identify the learning challenges faced by their students. Diagnostic testing is undertaken by all teachers in some form or another, this kind of testing allows teachers to ascertain exactly where each student stands in relation to particular skills and understandings. It is undoubtedly a narrow test undertaken in a few hours, but the level of data that Naplan testing provides teachers is rich and gives us valuable information that we can use to target teaching both for groups and individuals. Our students were calm and purposeful during the testing and should be commended upon their cooperative attitude.


Academic Plenaries

Academic Plenaries took place last Friday the 6th May and this Monday the 9th May. These meetings are an essential element of the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model. Academic plenaries place students at the centre of their learning and facilitate a conversation between teachers, students and their parents around how to grow and improve in each of their academic subjects. It was affirming and inspirational to see the learning positive relationships that are formed within our community.

Carolina Murdoch

Dean of Learning


Learning Dates to Remember:

Monday 23 May 2016 – Friday 2  June 2016 (some tasks may be scheduled outside of these dates)

Year 12 Assessment Block


Tuesday 14 June 2016

Year 11 2017 Subject Selection Marketplace

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Deirdre Rofe Centre

Information to follow

Thursday 28 July 2016 – Monday 15 August 2016

Year 12 Trials



Looking forward to Term 3

Friday 26 August 2016 – Monday 29 August 2016

Year 11 Parents Afternoon – Following Leadership Ritual

4:00pm – 4:45pm

Friday 9 September 2016 – Friday 16 September 2016

Year 12 Graduation

Compulsory for all