Year 10 HSC Minimum Standards Tests

Year 10 students have now completed their first attempt at their HSC Reading, Writing and Numeracy Minimum Standards tests. 

The writing component of the test takes at least 20 days to mark. Once we have all the results we will inform students on how to access their personal NESA Students Online account.  

We would like to congratulate students for the way they prepared their laptops, engaged with sample questions and answers and for the focus they displayed under test conditions.

 There are a small group of girls who were absent for the tests and we will be in contact with them to arrange a make-up time  in the coming weeks.

For students who do not meet the Minimum Standard for a test, we will assist and support them and they will resit the tests in Semester 2. 

Mr Martin Pluss

Dean of Learning

Year 12 Academic Plenaries

On Friday 22 February, Year 12 students and their parents attended the Year 12 Academic Plenary evening.  It is always such a pleasure to witness the maturity and self-awareness of our students as they enter into this process.  A key aspect of the Loreto Normanhurst Student Growth Model is that students reflect on their learning and target areas for their own growth.  Year 12 students were able to engage with their parents and teachers in a process of meta-cognition, as they demonstrated that they are able to think about their learning and articulate processes that they can embark upon to improve. 

This point in the Year 12 journey is essential, as they move forward with a targeted approach to their studies in each subject area.  We trust that parents were impressed with their daughter’s reflections on the evening and  the plenaries have left them with a greater sense of their daughter’s progress and the strategies they will implement as they move towards their Trial HSC and HSC examinations.  Thank you to the teachers and parents who were available on the evening to guide Year 12 students through this crucial process in their learning. 


Year 7 and 8 Parent Information Evenings – the year ahead

On Wednesday evening Year 7 and 8 parents attended the Parent Information Evening for the purpose of gaining an overview of the year ahead.  Thank you to those parents who were able to attend. 

My apologies for not including in my presentation information about NAPLAN for Year 7 students.  I will be speaking with Year 7 next Wednesday about their learning here at Loreto – engaging them in reflection on what it means to be a Loreto learner.  During that discussion I will highlight to them that NAPLAN does occur for them this year, and that we are moving to online testing in both the Literacy and Numeracy tests.  This is not something that the students should fear – these tests are purely diagnostic and will be utilised by teachers to allow them to better know the needs and areas of potential growth for their students.  We will be completing online NAPLAN practice in Week 8, Term 1  (Tuesday 26  March – Thursday 28  March) and then the actual NAPLAN testing during Week 3, Term 3  (Monday 13 – Friday 17 May).  We will provide further details in coming weeks, but please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Years 7 – 11 Academic Plenaries – Date Error in Printed Wall Calendar

Please be advised that the dates for the Years 7 – 11 Academic Plenaries are incorrect in the Wall Calendar. The correct dates are:

  • Friday 3rd May 1pm-6.30pm
  • Monday 13th May 3.30pm-6.30pm
  • Tuesday 21st May 3.30pm – 6.30pm

The dates are correctly reflected in the Student Handbook.


Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


Languages at Sydney: Go Global 2019

On Friday 1 March, our Year 10 Chinese, French and Italian students attended the “Languages at Sydney: Go Global 2019” event organised by Sydney University.

Students participated in two language-specific immersion sessions, had discussions with university languages students, learned about career opportunities for languages students and enjoyed an afternoon tea organised by the School of Languages and Cultures.

Recently, NESA went through an extensive consultation process to review the NSW Curriculum where a number of stakeholders were asked to provide feedback on some key topics related to schooling and education. One of the questions asked was “How should we prepare NSW students to be successful in a connected, global world?” In response to this the Languages Department organised the excursion to expose our students to the importance of language learning beyond the classroom and allow them to learn about the many opportunities that can result from the study of languages at secondary and tertiary levels.


Ms Stefania Thomsett

Head of Languages