Welcome back to a new year of learning at Loreto Normanhurst! 

We are so pleased to see so many keen faces eager to commence another year and we would like to take this opportunity to remind parents of our homework and assessment guidelines.


A reminder to parents that homework guidelines are outlined on page 28 of the Student Handbook.   This is an integral  part of secondary schooling and helps students develop self-discipline and organisational skills.  Students should revise their classwork regularly and extend their knowledge by reading widely.  The amount of time spent on homework and private study will vary but should average:

  • YEARS 5 AND 6: 30 minutes for Year 5 and 40 minutes for Year 6, several nights per week.  This must include an additional 20 minutes of reading every night.
  • YEARS 7 AND 8: 1 .5–2 hours per night, five times a week.
  • YEARS 9 AND 10: 2–2.5 hours per night, five times a week.
  • YEARS 11 AND 12: 20 hours a week.

Students in Years 7–10 are not expected to do homework or assessment tasks over the school holiday periods, except for reading novels and gathering data for various projects.

Please note Year 7 students do not receive homework in the first two weeks of this term.  Homework should commence for them next week, however they should only be receiving approximately 10 minutes per subject, which equates to an hour per weeknight for the first term or so. 

At the end of Week 3, parents from Years 7-11 will receive the Learning Information Handbooks.  These handbooks contain important information about assessment tasks, as well as the assessment schedules for the year in all subjects. 

Best wishes for the year ahead. 

Ms Kieryn Bateman

Director of Learning


Year 12 Parent Information Evening – the year ahead

Last Wednesday 30 January we were pleased to host the Year 12 Parent Information Evening – the Year Ahead.  It was wonderful to see so many parents and students in attendance for this evening as we commence the final year of their schooling and their HSC. 

We did promise a podcast of the session, however it was unfortunate that technology failed us on the evening.  We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused and include below a brief summary of the evening. You can access a PDF of the presentation here.  


  • Ms Ugonotti spoke of the need for a balanced approach in the year ahead and the need for parents to be present and supportive of their daughters whilst also setting clear boundaries for them throughout this year.  She also spoke about the power of failure and the need to be open to making mistakes and growing from these opportunities. 
  • Ms Bateman and Ms Albert spoke of the learning supports that are in place for the students here at Loreto, and the need for students to access and harness the structures that are available to support their learning.  This session was also about the need for students to be open to incremental growth in their assessments, knowing that they aren’t yet at the HSC examination standard, but that they are moving towards this level of achievement.   Using HSC assessment and examination data to illustrate her point, Ms Bateman emphasised that there is great potential for growth, even after the trial examinations, and that students can improve their internal assessment results if they continue working after the trial examinations.  The key is to be open to feedback from teachers, committed to completing practice papers and open to learning from set-backs. 
  • Mrs Long addressed the need for a balanced approach and outlined the support networks available that can assist with managing stress and any barriers that may exist to learning and wellbeing.  Mrs Long also provided some tips to HSC parents on how to manage the year ahead. 

We thank all of our parents and students once again for their attendance on the evening.  We look forward to sharing the journey ahead during this important year for our HSC students.


Kind regards

Ms Bateman and Mrs Long


AAS Testing Catch-up

Upon commencement at Loreto Normanhurst all students are required to complete a series of educational tests in Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Spelling and Written Expression.  These tests are conducted on behalf of the school by Academic Assessment Services (AAS) and provide valuable information about the progress of our students.  There is no requirement to study or prepare for these assessments. The results, in conjunction with other results from students’ ongoing assessments, help us to plan more effectively to meet the needs of students and the year group as a whole. 

While the majority of Year 7 students undertook this testing last October during Orientation, the remainder of students will participate in a catch-up testing day on Thursday 14th February.

Students who are required to undertake this testing are:

  • Years 7 – 11 new boarding students
  • Years 8 – 11 new students
  • Any new student in Year 7 who was absent during the Orientation testing

If your daughter will be involved she will receive further information regarding the testing. 


ICT Support New Students Years 8-11

The new Years 8-11 students have settled into the routine of the school year at Loreto Normanhurst. Last week boarders had an ICT workshop session during their study periods after school. Next week we will have more ICT workshops for new students to assist them with their key ICT needs. A main focus will be the use of OneNote to assist the organisation of student learning in the classroom. 

Year 7 will receive their laptops in the coming weeks and will also undertake a series of ICT workshops. Students have been advised they can contact Mr Pluss if they need any assistance.


Mr Martin Pluss

Dean of Learning


Reminder – Year 11 

A reminder for all Year 11 students that any changes to subjects need to be finalised by the end of Week 5 this term. If any students are still considering a change to their pattern of study, they will need to arrange to meet a Dean of Learning in the Learning Office to discuss the change. Students are encouraged to make any changes as soon as possible to minimise the amount of course content missed.


Podcast  – Year  11 Parent Information Evening

Parents who were unable to attend our Year  11 Parent Information Evening can listen to the podcast here:  Loreto Normanhurst Podcast 

Please use the following password:   year11loreto


Dates to remember:

YEARS 7 – 12

Assembly Years 10 & 11 RoSA 2019

Wednesday 13 February

11:55am – 12:55pm



Year 12 Academic Plenary Meetings

Friday 22 February 
3:30pm – 6:30pm


Year 12 Assessment Block 1

Monday 18 February –
Thursday 22 February

Year 12 Assessment Block 2

Monday 18 March–
Monday 25 March


Minimum Standards Testing

Tuesday 26 February –
Wednesday 27 February

Careers Evening

Tuesday 12 March

Years 9 & 10

Years 9 & 10 Parent Information Evening 2019

Friday 1 March

Years 7 & 8

Years 7 & 8  Parent Information Evening 2019 – The Year Ahead

Wednesday 13 February

YEARs 7 & 9

NAPLAN Online Practice

Monday 25 March –
Friday 29 March


Year 7 Parents & Student Study Skills Evening with Prue Salter

Monday 1 April   7:00pm – 8:30pm