HSC Showcase 2019

HSC Showcase 2019

A combined celebration of creativity and talent

The Loreto Normanhurst HSC Showcase 2019 will be held on Friday 30 August to celebrate HSC projects across all subjects with practical components. 

Students will be provided with an opportunity to showcase their talents and efforts in these subjects, sharing their creativity and passion with the school community. Featuring displays from Visual Arts, Music 1, Music 2, Aboriginal Studies, Drama, Design and Technology, History Extension and English Extension 2.

The HSC Showcase 2019 will be opened by Jane de Teliga (Class of ’67), fashion writer, author, editor, stylist and curator. Jane has worked for over 20 years for leading magazines and newspapers around the world, reporting on the fashion collections in London, Paris and Milan.  Jane has been the Style Director at ‘The Australian Women’s Weekly’ and Fashion Editor at ‘Harper’s Bazaar Australia’ and ‘The Sydney Morning Herald.’ Jane is also the author of ‘Running away from Home’, a beautifully illustrated memoir of her life in fashion and travel.

Friday 30 August 2019
Mary Ward Quad
5pm – 9pm

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Ms Kieryn Bateman, Director of Learning
Email  or phone 02 9487 3488