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History News

Living History Incursion

Years 7 and 8 recently took part in the Living History Incursion. Please see some reflections from students about their experiences.

“This year’s History Incursion was so fun and interesting. It was a great way to help us learn about the lifestyle of people living in Ancient China and Ancient Rome. The activities such as the tug of war, wrestling, jousting and just looking at all the samples of ancient items were so fun, interesting and intriguing. I loved being able to dress up and touch and feel all the items. The information was easy to learn and remember in the ways they stated them. Some things I found interesting were the costumes and armour and how heavy they were. I also liked holding the swords. Not to mention being able to touch the items such as the pots, masks, weights and flint and steel which I managed to light. Overall I really enjoyed the day and I know my friends did too.”

Paris Greenwich-Dadianov, Year 7

“I really enjoyed the History Incursion because it was an interactive experience, but we also learned many things from it. I especially enjoyed sword fighting like barbarians at the end, because we got to step into the shoes of the fighters while having so much fun doing it! It was so nice to hear all the different stories and also have an interactive part where we could volunteer to be certain people that were a significant part of Ancient China and Ancient Rome. “

Chelsea Earle, Year 7

“The living history incursion was so much fun. We got to learn about life in ancient China and ancient  Rome. I particularly liked it when we got to play games that the people would have played in ancient times such as tug of war. We also got to see and play with some replica artefacts that the ancient Chinese and the ancient Romans would have used such as amour and weapons. It was so interesting to learn about the stories and ways of the past. Altogether it was an enjoyable and fascinating day.”

Ivana Antony, Year 7

“On Tuesday 3 September, Year 8 students participated in the Living History incursion. The people from Living History Australia came to teach us all about the Feudal Era in England and Japan. Everyone had to dress up in medieval costumes from either Japan or England, and those with the most creative costumes were awarded prizes. We learnt through handling real-life replicas of weaponry and armour what it would have been like to use these instruments of warfare in Feudal Japan and England. We even had the opportunity to try on clothes and armour and handle swords and other weapons. We were given the chance later during the day to use our school oval where we learnt archery. During the Middle Ages in England, and the 1600s in Japan, Archery was used for warfare.  Equipped with foam swords, shields and knight’s helmets, we participated in groups and had sword fights with each other. We had a huge amount of fun, and this day was an amazing learning experience. It was an interesting and eye-opening experience, getting to touch and feel replicas of artifacts. We experienced how people in the Feudal Era of Japan and England would have lived. This experience will be one we can all take away for the rest of our semester learning about Feudal Japan and England and is one that will definitely help us in our future years of becoming budding historians as we learn history throughout our school life. We are extremely grateful for this incredible learning experience and most of all for the fun we shared throughout the day with our friends and teachers!”

Molly Hanly and Mia Jones, Year 8