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History News

Living History Reports

On Monday 18  March Years 7 and 8 participated in a History incursion to learn more about ancient times.

“The Year 7 incursion included Ancient China (our History topic this term) as well as Ancient Rome, Greece and Egypt. For most of the day we took part in a story telling of how the Ancient Romans sought entertainment and money. This included chariot racing and gladiation. We even became gladiatrices ourselves! We were able to have a hands-on experience with swords, tools, togas and weapons. We learnt a lot about the dynasties (especially the Han Dynasty or ‘Golden Age’ Dynasty). Personally, what stood out for me was that back in ancient times the emperors and rulers were hungry for power which can be gained by money and reputation. Nowadays, it is not so different. Presidents and Prime Ministers are still in great want for power. It amazed me that, in a way, not everything has changed.  Clothing, technology, the ways of ruling land have, but many of our big leaders are still searching for the power to ‘Rule the World’. Overall, the day was amazing and very informing! I think it is a day that will go down in history! “

Lauren Lawer (Year 7)


“On Tuesday, Year 8 History students were able to experience an awesome incursion run by Living History. After beginning the day with our fashion show showcasing our creative costumes, we started learning about knights. Did you know that knighthood training started around the age of 5? We then had the opportunity to walk around and look at all the replicas Living History had brought for us. These included weapons, horns, combs, shields, armour and so much more! To wrap up the day we played a few fun games including a medieval fight in teams using swords and shields and we also were taught a medieval dance. It was such a fun day and we all took so much valuable information from it.”

Rebecca Zammit (Year 8)