History News

History News

On Thursday 11 May, 90 students primarily from Year 9, but also from other year groups, were fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Dr Nick Baker from Macquarie University about his studies and work on the Italian Renaissance.

It was an amazing and very insightful event for the Year 9 Elective History students as we have been thoroughly studying the Renaissance period from the end of Term 1.

Dr Baker discussed political leaders such as the Medici, and the great artists including Botticelli, Michelangelo and many more. In the lecture, Dr Baker highlighted that the Renaissance was a period where the “ideals” aimed for by Renaissance patrons like the Medici family, did not always match the “reality” of everyday life. Dr Baker’s discussion of the roles and responsibilities of women during the Renaissance period was hugely interesting in the way that he showed examples of some women in the Renaissance who did not live up to the “ideal” of the submissive wife and instead developed their own careers or influenced society and politics in unexpected ways.

At the end of his lecture, he answered our questions with genuine interest and in great detail, which really helped all the girls to understand the topic more deeply. All students and teachers present at the lecture thoroughly enjoyed hearing Dr Baker talk so passionately about the Renaissance, and we all came away from it with a much better perception of the period, which is now helping us in our current unit.

We are all immensely grateful to Dr Baker and to the History staff for providing us with this fantastic learning opportunity.


Tahlia Jones and Grace Napoli

Year 9