History in Conversation

History in Conversation

Extension History Q&A- “On the Trail of the Truth.”

On the evening of the 26th of August, 6 girls from Year 12 History Extension spoke about their experiences composing their dissertations (Major Works) for the HSC. The major component of assessment in Year 12 History Extension is a 2,500- 3,000 word thesis developed by students on a historical idea/topic of their choosing. This was the first year at Loreto Normanhurst where girls have been given an opportunity to talk about their works in front an audience. Those that came were enthralled to hear about the fascinating topics undertaken by the girls and the highs and lows of their research journey. Below is a list of the girls that participated in the evening and their respective topics:


Hope Hyatt To what extent did the spy and nuclear scientist, Klaus Fuchs, contribute to the atomic program in the USSR?
Eleanor Cooper To what extent has the French Mandate impacted upon Syria in the 20th century?
Ciara Murphy To what extent can museums accurately represent the Holocaust?
Rachel Parsons Assess the ways Indigenous Australians have been represented in the Australian historical narrative since 1950.
Grace Haydon What were the reasons behind the US decision to drop atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945?
Isabella McDonald How was popular culture distorted the “truth” of the Jack the Ripper murders?


This year, 19 girls completed the History Extension course covering a hugely challenging array of topics ranging from ancient history (comparison between the collapse of the Roman and Ottoman Empires) to middle history (historical representations of the 16th century Mughal Emperor, Akbar) to modern history (The response of the Vatican to the Nazi regime). The Extension course encourages the nurturing and development of genuine intellectual freedom in students and this was clearly evident in the girls who spoke on the night as well as all the dissertations that were submitted by all the girls. We hope we can build on the success of this year’s inaugural event next year and we encourage you all to come along in 2017.


Mr Marco Scali

Head  of History